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Mainiac Monday – I Swear They’re Coming

October 10, 2011

It has been almost a month since I last shared something!  Ahhh!  I bet Bestie C is ready to kill me for not writing more wedding recaps.  I swear, they’re coming!  Promise!

School has been cah-raz-ee for me.  It’s awesome that I am teaching the same classes for the second year in a row because I get to reuse my stuff from last year, but that doesn’t mean that school gets easier.  If anything, it gets more hectic just trying to find where I put the freakin papers!  Coaching is almost over; our last scheduled game is about a week away.  I love love love coaching field hockey, but it will be nice to have only one after school activity for the rest of the school year.  Having two at the same time has knocked me on my butt.  Drama club has only been meeting once a week, but there is so much that goes into putting together a show, not to mention helping a senior through her first foray into directing.  But I love it.  I wouldn’t give up any of my jobs right now.

I have so many ideas for new blog entries, so I cannot wait to show you what has been going on!  B and I have taken a few weekend side trips to fun fall locations, I have to catch up on Bestie C’s wedding festivities, I have found some amazing thrifty clothing finds, and I have some cool news about my photography!  I promise, they’re coming!  Promise!

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