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I’m Yours: Pretty Pampering

September 19, 2011

The morning of August 19 started bright and early for me and B.  We had a lot to get done before I had to jump into a car with C to head out to appointments, so it was up-and-at-’em.  I had decided to do my own hair for the wedding because of how expensive the hair salons were in the Old Port area, so I needed time to get it right.  It turns out that watching all of those hairstyling YouTube videos was worth it because it turned out pretty well and C’s sister’s stylist thought I had gotten it done professionally.  Score!I swear, it looked better from the front.

After breakfast, I grabbed my dress and jumped into the car with C, her mom, and A’s mom and headed off to our first appointment:  pedicures and manicures!  I hadn’t had a pedicure since C and my freshmen year of college, so this was an exceptional treat.  The people at the spa were incredibly nice and did a great job.  I went last so that I could get pictures of everyone getting ready.C’s sisters, the three ladies above, were incredibly generous; they picked up the tab for all of our manicures and pedicures.  I was flabbergasted by how it didn’t seem like a big deal to them.  That was a big bill, and I am still incredibly thankful to them for that.  What a nice thing to do!  Maybe, when B and I have higher paying jobs, I can do the same for someone else’s wedding party.  You know, pay it forward.When people asked C if she was nervous, she told them that she wasn’t nervous about getting married; she was nervous about the ceremony.  C isn’t a fan of a lot of people with their eyes on her, so having a wedding with her as the bride was outside of her comfort zone.  But other than that, she was as cool as a cucumber.  A well pampered cucumber.

After our nails were polished and our limbs were massaged, we scooted to grab some lunch and to get C and her oldest sister Ka to the hair salon.  Her other two sisters had already left for their hair appointments at a different salon.  Again, I played photographer (and I was treated to a delicious mimosa by the salon)!  Seriously, who can turn down a mimosa on a wedding day?  Not this girl!

This is one of my absolute favorite picture of C that I took that day.  She’s so gorgeous.

C had selected an inspiration photo of a half-up/half-down braided style with loose curls.  Since her hair was already naturally curly, it just took a little sculpting and braiding.  The final product was incredibly pretty and very much C’s style.

With her hair done, we waited for Ka to pick us back up after she ran to her apartment to get her dress.  But then I got a phone call from B.  He was in charge of picking up the flowers for the wedding in the town one over from where we currently live, about 1.5 hours from the wedding site.  He called to ask how many bridesmaids bouquets he was supposed to have.  Four, plus the bride’s, plus the tossing bouquet, so six total.  He had five.  Mine was missing.  Thankfully, B had the foresight to check what he had before driving all the way to the wedding site.  Unfortunately, the phone call tipped C off to a small crisis and made her more anxious.  I did my best to reassure her that everything was a-okay, and it was.  B got the last, sneaky bouquet, but now the time was running out.  We had no idea if he would make it there in time because we needed the bouquets for pictures before the ceremony.  Now it was time for us to get there, too.

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