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Wrap It Up, Buttercup

August 30, 2011

When it came to Bestie C and A’s wedding gift, I knew I wanted to make it special and unique.  Lots of people go straight to the registry because it’s fool proof.  You know what the bride and groom want, and you know where to get it.  Done and done.  I, on the other hand, like to think outside of the list.  I’ll use it as a guideline for what the couple wants and needs, but then I add my own twist on it.  Of course, this is much easier when you know the couple well.  This has become a lot more fun since B is now part of the gifting team because he is full of great ideas too.

For C and A’s present, we went half with the registry and half with our own imaginations.  From the registry, we got them two white towels (that were super soft and I hugged throughout the store) and the vintage-looking Scrabble game – it should be said that C is a very pure lady, but comes up with some… interesting… words during Scrabble games.  We wanted to go with a “date night” theme, since we love having neighbor date nights with them, and even though the towels didn’t really go with it, we used our imaginations to complete the gift.  We picked up popcorn, C and A’s favorite candies, and a couple of toys for their cat Bear (we couldn’t forget our favorite nephew cat!).  We also threw in a TON of batteries because we’re always running out of batteries when we play Wii together.

So how to wrap these up?  Well, option 1 was to get a nice bag, a nice card, and wrap it in tissue paper.  MEEEHHHH.  Boooorrrrriiiiinnnnggg.  Not for me.  I took about an hour and came up with an awesome idea.  See that wedding-cake-esque package?  Oh yeah, that’s ours!  I figured with white towels, I could make it look very wedding appropriate, plus I wouldn’t be wasting any paper.  I created a “cake topper” couple out of paper clips, masking tape, and markers.  Add in some tissue paper flowers, wedding color ribbons, and tulle, and you have a wedding cake gift!  When I was making it, B asked if I was making a diaper cake.  1.  I had no idea that he knew what a diaper cake was.  2.  He recognized it was a cake!  I think those are both wins.  But no… no diapers in there.  Yet.  (No pressure!)

How do you like to give wedding presents?  Have you done any fancy wrapping?

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