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To a Bride on Her Wedding Day

August 19, 2011

Today is your wedding day!  It’s the day we talked about, laughed about, and wondered about for hours in college while we soaked in every episode of “Wedding Story.”  It’s your day to marry the best man you could have picked for yourself, and I don’t doubt your choice in the least.  What really wouldn’t make sense is if you didn’t marry A.  He’s perfect for you, even in the way he drives you crazy.

Your wedding day will be a flurry of activity.  People are excited, not just because it’s a wedding, but because you are getting married and making an amazing commitment to someone else.  People are excited because they love both of you and love that you are in love.  Yes, that’s a lot of love.  Almost everything people will try to do today is to make it the best day for you.  If not, I will hit them.  I’m pretty sure that’s in my Maid of Honor job description.

Soak in everything you can today.  It will go by way too fast, and even though you are not a fan of being the center of attention, there is only one person’s attention who really matters, and I’m sure you don’t mind being the center of his.  Enjoy this!  You have worked so hard for this day with all of the planning and preparations.  Eat something!  The food will be delicious, and even if you don’t think you will be hungry, trust me.  It’ll catch up to you.  Also, eat a couple pieces of cake.  Calories don’t count on your wedding day.  It’s a fact.

I hope you have the most amazing day today, and I am more than honored to be a part of your day.  A is one lucky man.

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