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Sharpies Never Fail to Impress

August 16, 2011

With school coming up, it’s the season where I long for a new wardrobe.  It’s probably because I would always go for a day of shopping with my mom before school started, just the two of us.  She would take my sister and I separately to have a mom day, and we would shop, get to pick where we went out to lunch, and then do a fashion show for my dad when we got home.  With a super small clothes budget now, I have to be a lot more creative on how to make myself feel like I have new clothes.

I stumbled across this gem of a YouTube video when I was bouncing around looking for how to dye fabric for my white fringe scarf.  I think this is the COOLEST idea!  How simple and inexpensive!  I’m thinking it may be a great idea for holiday gifts as well!  I cannot wait to try it out!  All you need it a spray bottle, butcher wax paper, Sharpies, and rubbing alcohol.  Oh, and your fabric, of course.  Sweet!

This lady is super creative, and I just love her accent!  If any of you give this a try, let me know how it goes!  I cannot wait to try it myself!

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