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One of the Best Years

August 15, 2011

Waaay back in July, B and I celebrated our first anniversary together in the place our marriage began:  Sunday River!  We saved some money and decided to spend a weekend away together, taking advantage of Sunday River’s new bed and breakfast deal.  We had been looking forward to this weekend for so long, so it was exciting when it finally arrived!

We first started out by heading in the opposite direction to get our anniversary cake.  Instead of freezing the top portion of our wedding cake, our baker would make us a brand new cake on our anniversary.  Delicious, fresh and free?  Yes, please!  I had emailed her a couple weeks in advance to remind her and let her know what flavor we wanted.  We set up a time for pick up at her location, and B and I looked forward to tasting her amazing creations again.  When we arrived, however, we were met by the baker’s very confused husband and an explanation of, “Oh, she was hoping you would remind her closer to when you picked it up.”  Ugh, really?  It’s not my job to make sure she makes the cakes she agrees to.  The baker was busy putting together someone’s wedding cake, which is clearly more important than our anniversary cake, so we rolled with it and asked if we could pick it up on Monday when we got back.  The baker agreed to do us one better and deliver it to our apartment.  She was very apologetic, and I understand how smaller things can slip her mind in the middle of wedding season.  It was a little annoying, but what can you do?

Dessertless, I talked B into stopping over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some juice (we had brought white wine for toasting, and we can only really drink wine with fruit juice in it… yeah, we’re those people) and we thought we might find something as a stand-in dessert.  I had forgotten TJ’s doesn’t have a bakery, and the offerings didn’t impress B, so we were just about to move on when we found the frozen section.  There in an unassuming box stood our anniversary dessert:  tiramisu.  YUM.  With that, we were on our way to the resort.

In the days leading up to our stay, I was wondering if the resort would throw us any bones because we had gotten married there the year before.  We were proving to be very good customers, so maybe they would upgrade our room?  No such luck, but once the manager heard me talking about “last year,” she asked if we had been here the year before.  I told her that it was our anniversary and we had gotten married here last year.  She smiled, wished us a great weekend, and disappeared into the back room.  When B and I grabbed our bags and went into our room, we found a notecard and bottle of white wine waiting for us, wishing us a happy anniversary!  How nice!  Thanks Sunday River!

We relaxed for a bit and put our picnic food in the hotel’s fridge since our room did not come with one.  For dinner, we decided to continue our anniversary traditions and go to where we had our rehearsal dinner:  The Jolly Drayman.  In hindsight, I would have kept looking for a rehearsal dinner location, but oh well.  Our anniversary dinner was very casual, and we were the only ones out on the deck.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel to change and get ready for the fireworks.  Each year, the Bethel area celebrates the Mollyockett Days.  It’s a small town festival, but they go all out for the fireworks display.  My friend K met us for the fireworks, and we all were pretty impressed.The next day, B and I had signed up for a tube race/treasure hunt.  It sounded like fun, it was competitive, and it would be in the river on a 90 degree day.  We were, as it turns out, two of the oldest people there, but that didn’t stop us.  The race required that you tube down a section of river, get out, collect mineral samples thanks to some clues, and then race to the finish line where you identify the samples for the judges.  B and I ended up being the only team in our age group (19 and over), though some of the judges didn’t believe that we were over 19.  We told them that it was our wedding anniversary; they seemed to believe us after that.

We grabbed our food from the hotel and went to our bridge for an anniversary picnic after the race.  The weather was beautiful, and the company was spectacular, too.  I ended up making chicken salad finger sandwiches and fruit salad.  Mmm.This was the last picture before B spilled wine all over my camera.  Thankfully, It didn’t get into the camera, and I was able to carefully clean everything before it was affected.  New marriage rule:  Stay away from your wife’s expensive camera when you are eating or drinking anything.For dessert, we had saved three of our wedding favors for our first anniversary.  It was B’s idea, and I was pretty skeptical.  It turns out that if you save chocolate covered pretzel rods in the fridge for a year, they don’t really get stale!  Who knew?Our initials are still there, one year later!

After our picnic, B really wanted to watch the finals of the women’s soccer world cup.  It was pretty exciting, so it seemed okay to spend part of our anniversary watching TV.  I mean, the US doesn’t make the finals very often, and I was even willing to put aside my field hockey bias to watch.  We all know how it ends, but it did give me lots of time to get ready for our fancy dinner.Ta dah!  Yeah, I can clean up pretty well.  True story:  I bought the dress during my thrifty birthday money shopping spree, and on our anniversary (about two weeks later), the dress was too big.  Oh hey there, weight loss.  Glad you came to join the party.Sorry, ladies.  This hot man is all mine.  And the bread.  That’s mine too.The food was amazing.  This blueberry and cream soup was so dang good!  I could have eaten my weight in it, and my weight definitely would have gone up because of it.  Soooo gooood.  We also got baja quesadillas, baked brie with fruit and bread, and a baked chicken with rice dish.  Needless to say, we took some leftovers home.  To round out the meal a little later, we dug into our anniversary tiramisu.  Delicious!

The next day, we checked out after breakfast and headed to Screw Auger Falls, a little state park on the border of New Hampshire and Maine.  We had planned on swimming a little, but the weather was gray and windy.  After showing B the park and some of its beautiful views, we jumped in the car to head home.  Home, of course, meant one thing:  getting our anniversary cake!  YUM!  And the baker delivered, literally.Hello, gorgeous!  Red velvet cake, buttercream, raspberry filling… uuuhhhhhhhh… Oh, sorry.  I forgot where I was going for a minute there.  This cake is so friggin good.  So so good.

After eating huge chunks of cake together and throwing together a little dinner, we headed to one of our favorite summer pasttimes, the Portland Sea Dogs.  They are the local minor league baseball team, and we get a lot of the players who make it big for the Red Soxs.  Padroia, Wakefield, yeah, we’ve had them.  We love baseball, so it was a great way to round out our anniversary celebrations.B, though, had a little surprise planned.  I swear, I have the best husband on the planet.How adorable is he?!  I have always made comments about how I think proposals during the game are super cute (yes, I think they’re cute.  Sue me – but not really), so this is the best thing next to a proposal.  Maybe I’ll take a cue from his book and announce when I’m pregnant that way to B?  Don’t get any ideas, though… that won’t be for a while.

So what did B get me for our paper anniversary?  He went the sweet route.  He wrote me ten poems that document so many different moments in our relationship, like our first kiss, when he first felt like he really loved me, when he knew he wanted to propose, how we grew after we almost broke up during college, and our wedding day.  So many of them made me cry, and he was so cute to hide them in different places so it was a scavenger hunt.  I swear I have the best husband in the world!

And he, of course, enjoyed his gifts from me, too!  He was a little speechless when it came to the pictures…

What do you have planned for your first wedding anniversary?  If it already passed, what did you do?  Did you do traditional gifts?

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  1. August 15, 2011 3:23 pm

    Sounds like a perfect anniversary! Congrats!

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