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Blossoming Love: Bestie C’s Flower Shower Power

August 15, 2011

Way back in June, we threw Bestie C a bridal shower.  She is getting married in a handful of days to A, a guy I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.  Her shower was fun to put together, and I think a lot of people who attended had a good time.

We formed the theme around her color scheme, so I found a stamp that resembled the flowers on her invitation suite.  I hand-stamped and used calligraphy on all of the invitations.  It was a total labor of love, but I received a few compliments on them during the shower, so I know the hard work was completely worth it.  That being said, it would have been worth it without the comments, too.  I was willing to do whatever it took to make her shower special, and if it meant stamping for two hours, then it meant stamping for two hours.

On the morning of the shower, everything came together pretty easily.  We had tons of food, a great cake, gorgeous flowers, and lots of family.  Oh, and one not-so-surprised bride, as she had hinted and snooped for weeks.C doesn’t like to be the center of attention really, so I had to come up with different ways of making sure the party was about celebrating her, but also distracting the guests a little.  Games were the answer.  I asked the group to see how well they knew C by answering 15 questions about her.  Her sister A ended up winning with bonus points.  Some of the questions were even in the room, like the name of her adorable kitty, Bear.  He likes to party.I also had people play the buzzer game while C opened presents.  If the timer went off when she was opening a gift, the gift giver would win a door prize.  It seemed to confuse some of the attendees, but they got it after a while.  Sometimes it’s necessary for me to remember that not all shower games come standard outside of my shower-happy family.I got C the huge family-sized griddle she’s opening in the picture above.  I think she was expecting something a little more provocative from me, but because I didn’t know how some of the more conservative attendees would react, I thought it best to go with something tamer.  Maybe they’ll get the hint with the family-sized griddle, though…

I also got the task of putting together C’s rehearsal bouquet, another piece some people had never seen or heard of.  Perhaps I am so entrenched in wedding stuff because my family is made primarily of girls, but really?  How have you never heard of that?  Some people make it into a hat, but at least they are doing something with the ribbons.  After the gifts, people began to say goodbye.  There was so much delicious food left, we all split the leftovers.  Mmmm quiche and fruit!  I don’t complain about bringing food home.  It seemed like everyone had a good time, and I really hope C enjoyed herself as much as she could.  The wedding is coming up in just a couple of days!  I’m so excited!

Have you ever helped plan a wedding shower?  What traditions have you thought were normal but people hadn’t heard of?

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