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Fording the River: Day Eight with the Swedes

August 14, 2011

Day eight was pretty much our last full day together where we had things to do.  We wanted to make the most of it, so we got up in the morning, had a small breakfast, and measured all of Al’s wall hangings.  Today was decorating day, and all of her posters and pictures needed frames.  She also needed a couch, so that meant one thing… IKEA!

Truth be told, I am was an IKEA virgin.  The closest one to Maine is past Boston.  But I have perused their website many a time and have lusted over inexpensive rugs and four-post bed frames.  After this trip, I may have talked B into a shopping trip…

So we went to IKEA, and man, I was in decorating heaven.  If I could have loaded the entire plane back to the east coast with stuff, I would have, but then Delta would have owned my soul and paychecks for the rest of my life.  No good.  We ended up finding a great couch for Al, and they would even deliver for a small fee.  Well, the fee was small for a couch delivery.  For anything smaller, it would have been expensive for me.  We also picked up kitchen gadgets, some lighting, and hardware.

We were super hungry by the end of it, so we decided to eat in their cafeteria.  If I thought yesterday’s lunch was cheap, today’s beat it.  For their traditional Swedish meatballs with potatoes and lignon berries sauce, plus a milk, it was $3.98.  No kidding.  Inexpensive furniture and inexpensive food.  If we could move that Powell’s bookstore in here too, I’m golden.

A stop at Target, and we were off to decorate.  We framed and hung up pictures and posters, rigged up lighting, and cleared an area for the new couch, which I named Karl.  The couch’s type was called Karlsvic, so Al chose Karl over Vic.  Around 8:30, Karl made an appearance and we did the easiest assembly ever; we just screwed on the legs.  Karl was looking good in his new location, and Al was proud that she was now an adult since she had a couch.Because the couch came assembled save for the legs, the box it came in was HUGE.  Our three-year-old selves were pretty pumped, so we played in it for a little bit before settling down on Karl to watch “Love in the Wild” on what I can only assume to be borrowed cable service.  It was super fuzzy, so we’re not sure what happened there.With that, the final planned day of my Oregon Trail vacation was over.  The next day would be my last day on the West Coast, sad but true.

Miss an Exit?

I land in Seattle and we go to Port Angeles.

We see the vampires and hike in the woods.

We exit the country.

We ride in the car… a lot.

We visit the “Porthole of the Pacific.”

We get cheesy.

We stop to smell the roses.

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