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Fording the River: Day Five in a Newport State of Mind

August 11, 2011

Newport, Rhode Island, is famous for its mansions.  Newport, Oregon, is famous for its bridge.  Same thing, right?  We headed off to see Newport, Oregon, after some breakfast and showers.  We had used TripAdivsor to look up some activities to do while we were in the area, and we decided to start with the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  But first, we had a lot of rolling wheat fields to get through.  A lot.

But, have no fear.  This post isn’t as boring as yesterday’s!  There are many more pictures!  After paying our $7 at the gate (for the whole car, mind you, not per person), we parked and walked down to the picturesque lighthouse station.  We decided to climb to the top, and were lucky enough to go at a time where the wait was short.  Typically, people wait around 45 minutes to get to the top.  We waited maybe fifteen minutes.
Only one person is allowed to go up into the light at a time, so while Al went up, the park representative at the top asked me where I was from.  When I told him Maine, he immediately broke into the stereotypical Maine accent where you cannot pronounce your Rs.  Ugh.  You know, some of us can speak correctly.

We decided to take advantage of the park pass lasting three days and come back in the morning to walk along the beach.  For now, it was time to check into our hotel and then depart for a tour of the Rogue Spirits distillery.  Rogue Spirits, a division of Rogue Beer, is a local brand of alcohol in Oregon, and their beers seem to be very popular.  Since I don’t drink beer, Al thought we should go to the distillery so I might be able to try something I liked, like rum.  After getting lost two or three times, we finally found the small distillery… and it was a bar.  With the distilling equipment in the back.  The bartender tried to joke with us about “getting tickets,” but we were so ruffled, the joke fell flat.  Sorry dude.  Wrong audience at the time.After listening to the bartender (our “tour guide”) and walking around the bar to look at different machinery, he offered tasters of each of the alcohols for $1.  I tried a hazelnut spiced rum (after checking to see if it contained nutmeg, of course) and Al tried another two.  Oh, did it burn.  Clearly, I am not a frequent drinker.

Outside of the bar, we checked out the scenery and headed to dinner at the original Mo’s.  Al had a hankering for fish and chips, so as long as they had something that wasn’t seafood and wasn’t fried, I was golden.  If you go to Mo’s, though, and want a chocolate milk, beware of the large.  They charge you $3.50 for it and it’s not listed on the menu!  The garlic green beans are great, though.

The scenery was pretty golden, too, during a walk after dinner.The night was rounded out with some House Hunters episodes before I passed out from exhaustion.  Tomorrow was going to be another big travel day, and I would finally get to do one of my life goals!

Miss an Exit?

I land in Seattle and we go to Port Angeles.

We see the vampires and hike in the woods.

We exit the country.

We ride in the car… a lot.

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