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Freebie Finds!: July 25, 2011

July 26, 2011

I have signed up for oodles of freebies through the mail because of the free links I have found online.  Today, they began to come in the mail, just in time for my flight to Seattle!

This first package is from Atkins.  Am I on the Atkins diet?  Oh hellz no.  I love my heart way too much to only eat meat and stuff.  No thanks.  They do, however, make some pretty good protein bars.  I signed up for the sample, and it came with three protein bars, a carb counter with TONS of actual foods in it that will be helpful just for looking things up, a recipe booklet, and some “get started” stuff I probably won’t pay attention to.  Those three protein bars just saved me from buying snacks for my trip!  Hooray!

What fun stuff have you gotten in the mail lately?


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