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I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

July 25, 2011

Part of summer that I always look forward to is travel.  Growing up, travel pretty much meant going camping, but it was fun because it was a change of scenery from our house and neighborhood.  Last summer, travel meant our honeymoon and going to Europe for the first time.  This year?  I’m going to the west coast!

Bestie Al lives in Oregon, but has lived in Washington State for the past two years.  To commemorate her new move and to actually see each other this year, I am going to spend about a week and a half with her!  We will be touring Seattle, Vancouver, Port Angeles and Forks (yes, because we’re 12 and want to see the Twilight locations), and Portland.  I’m so excited, but kind of scared because B will not be coming with me.  He doesn’t get vacation time until he has been with his company for a year… which is just in time for a little vacation time for Bestie C’s wedding!  So I’m hitting the road on my own… across the country… tomorrow.  Gulp.

I will, however, do a total recap of our adventures when I return, and to keep your reading skills up while I’m gone, I have scheduled some posts to go up in the mean time!  So get excited to see the west coast, all of you hot and sweaty people in the rest of the country.  I have to go pack my jeans and a sweatshirt now.  Yeah, I’m not kidding.  This will be interesting…

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