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Super Saver

July 19, 2011

Now that I have worked hard to successfully fund all of our household expenses with B for a year, I think it’s time to reconsider some parts of our budget.  When we first got married, I was, for lack of a better word, a complete tight-wad.  Anything that cost money was scrutinized to the Nth degree.  Yeah, that’s right.  Capital N.  B wanted to go enter into an office pool for $5?  Um, yeah.  Let’s talk about how that $5 could be going into our gas tank, or grocery bill, or student loans.  You really want to enter that pool now?  Didn’t think so.  One time, I’m pretty sure I instigated an argument about how we were spending too much money on peanut butter.  PEANUT BUTTER. (Seriously, though… the good stuff is super expensive!)

As the year went by, we adjusted and became a little more open to loosening up a bit.  We went out to dinner more thanks to my Christmas gift from B, a Portland Dine Around Club membership.  This membership has restaurants and events all over Southern and Western Maine, and with so many places within an hour drive, it has been awesome to try out some cool places for a discount.  You just can’t beat buy one, get one free admissions to movie theaters and baseball games! 













All in all, we’ve been pretty good about keeping ourselves in check, but we both feel like we could be doing better.  In response to that, I have decided to try coupon and freebie hunting online.  There are all of these shows out there about how people can go shopping and get stores to pay them to take products, so why can I do the same thing?  Well, it’s not as easy as it may appear, but there are certainly some benefits and resources I can share that I have picked up.

1.  Create an email account just for coupons and giveaways.  They will send you tons of emails, so don’t give them your real one that you use for personal communication.  Just make up a new one and away you go without all of the spam.

2. Traveling?  Find freebies online before you buy travel sized products at the store!  If you have a certain company you like to use, but you’re not picky about which specific formula, hunt around on their websites for samples.  I highly recommend going to the Walmart’s website to look up what kinds of samples they are giving away.  It changes all the time, so if you think you might be able to use something, move on it!

3.  Sign up for deals and freebies through wide branching networks.  I have signed up for coupons and alerts from sites like,, and  Again, use your other email address so you don’t get bogged down, but remember to check it.  These sites will send you coupons and offers that can be fabulous finds.  I have also signed into She Speaks’ blogging community, so there is potential for them to contact me to do giveaways to all of you.  Kind of makes you want to read my blog more, right?

4.  Use Facebook to its best advantage.  It’s not just for stalking people anymore, kiddies!  If you “like” certain products, you can score freebies, samples, and coupons for their products.  There are also really cool companies like Raining Hot Coupons and Coupon Pro that will show cool deals on your newsfeed.

5.  When in doubt, turn to YouTube for some ideas.  There are tons of videos with links and tips on how to score and save.  Try typing in “How to Save Money with Coupons” or “How to Get Free ______” (insert whatever you are looking for… as long as it’s legal…).  Some of the vloggers have some great pointers.

So far, I have signed up for more freebies than I can remember.  I do know, however, that I will be getting at least five small boxes of cereal, three trial size shampoos and conditioners, perfume, a free iPod charger USB cable (yeah, FREE!) and a bunch of other goodies in the mail in four to six weeks.  And you better believe I will do a post to open it all up in front of you!

How do you like to save money?  Any tips?  Good websites?


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