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July 15, 2011

Oh man.  I have discovered the power of eBay, and it is strong.  STRONG.

It started out so innocently.  I knew that eBay had some great deals on camera lenses, and since you can bid on them, you have a chance to get them for even lower prices than you would at a regular store.  I had some “awesome fund” money from my birthday stored away, so it was mine for the spending.  I found a 2X zoom for my Canon DSLR for $25 through an auction.  Score!  It came in the mail a few days later and I was a happy camper.

This is what the tree outside looks like on my regular 18-55 mm lens.  This is the basic lens that came with my camera when I purchased it.  You should also know these pictures were shot through a screen on the window frame.This is the same tree from the same distance with the 2X zoom lens added on.It definitely gets you closer, and while I was expecting something that would be even more of a zoom, this lens will be a nice addition as I collect more lens options.

I decided to zoom around a little and see what else eBay had to offer.  I checked out the necklaces because of my new found love for statement pieces.  I discovered that some really cool pieces were going for pennies, and when I hit the “free shipping” button, I knew I was only going to pay (if I won) the amount I wanted.  Thanks to the “maximum bid” feature, I could also put in what my top price was without worrying about placing tons of bids if someone outbid me once or twice.  If the bidding went above my maximum bid, so be it.

I ended up getting three pieces:Price wise, the necklace was $0.73, the first earrings were $1.00, and the second earrings were $0.66.  For a total of $2.39, I got a pretty necklace and some really cool earrings that will work for work and for play.  Nice!  Most of these will be coming from overseas, so if you have a problem with buying from China or Korea, there is an option for buying within the U.S. or North America.

I will definitely show off these when I get them in the mail!  I could just keep going and going for these pieces, but money is not unlimited.  I typically put my highest bid at $1.00 to keep it going too far.  I do have a couple of bids in for some wide belts that are a little higher, but that’s because of what they are by nature.  Clearly a belt is going to be more expensive than a pair of earrings.  For now, keep your eyes peeled for great deals on eBay!  Good luck and good bidding… but not if you are outbidding me!

What have you scored on eBay?  Any good tips?

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