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Picnic for Two

July 9, 2011

As hard as it is to believe, B and my first wedding anniversary is coming up next weekend.  NEXT WEEKEND!  Holy moly!  Where on earth did that year go?  It’s been wonderful, hard, funny, emotional, and totally worthwhile.  To celebrate, B and I are going to return to where we married and partied the night away with our friends and family.  The resort has now begun a bed and breakfast special, so to make the most of our stay, we thought we would try it out.  For dinners, we are dining at the same places we had our rehearsal dinner and the restaurant at the resort on the night of anniversary.  As for meals, that just leaves lunch.Because you know we love to eat!

Ever the romantic, B suggested that we make a picnic lunch and, as long as no one is, you know, getting married at the time, we can eat the picnic on the bridge that started our marriage off.Now that, my friends, is one important and romantic picnic!  We received this picnic set for our wedding last year, and with all of the craziness of coming back from our honeymoon, immediately being a bridesmaid for Bestie A, B starting a new job, and then me starting the school year, there wasn’t much time for picnicking. This is the perfect opportunity to try it out!{Source}

The question remains… what on earth are we going to eat?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Chicken salad sandwiches –  I loooove chicken salad, and B has just gotten on the chicken salad love boat.  But it can be pretty boring, right?  If grapes are on sale, I plan on adding some along with some almonds and maybe cranberries.  YUM!

2. Croissants – What better way to enjoy a lovely lunch than with some croissants as the bread for our sandwiches?  Fancy, delicious, and special.  They are also pretty inexpensive at $0.79 a piece at Hannaford.

3. Fresh cut fruit / fruit salad – Fruit is a total gimme in the summer.  It’s fresh, in-season, and I can find a lot of local sources at the farmer’s market or the grocery store.  It also is healthy and has a good amount of water to rehydrate us.

4. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies – These are an H family favorite.  When we make them, they are gone.  VERY FAST.  I also love that making them is a small way to show B that I love him.

5. Brie, crackers, and sliced apples – One of our favorite combinations ever.  I made baked brie for B on our dating anniversary this year, and it was a huge hit.  A cold version would be just as delicious!

I plan on also bringing along our left over wedding favors.  We saved two of the chocolate covered pretzels because B thought they would be fun to eat on our one year anniversary because we’re just ordering a new cake instead of freezing the top.  Will it be good?  Who knows.  But that’s why we have cookies too!See the favors by the top of the plates with the blue ribbons?  Yep, we have two of those left!

As for drinks, I haven’t decided yet.  Maybe some lemon water?  Maybe pop open our bottle of persecco?

Any good picnic recipes or ideas for us?  What did you do for your dating or wedding anniversary?


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