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Summer Admissions

July 7, 2011

I find that I fall into the same patterns every summer.  There are definitely some guilty pleasures I have, so I thought I would share some with you all.

1. I could eat croissants every single day.  Yuummm buttery lightness!

2. I love wearing dresses for no reason at all.

3. It makes me giggle a little when people do double takes when I wear summer dresses (and no, it’s not because I show off my boobs all the time).

4. I know the sun is bad for my skin, but I loooove reading outside.  Good thing for sunscreen.

5. Some of the summer TV shows are hilarious and I can’t help but watch.  Have you watched “Love in the Wild” yet?  You really should.  Even B is hooked!

6. Sometimes, there is nothing quite as good as a Edy’s Whole Fruit Strawberry popsicle.

7. Flip flops are addictive.  Just try keeping your feet out of them.

8. My favorite summer dinner is cheese, crackers, and fruit salad.  That’s it.  YUM.

9. My go-to drink mix-in is 4C’s Half and Half.  A lot of the time, it even satisfies my sweet tooth… well, sometimes.

10.  I am incredibly proud of myself this year.  Every year, B and I run/walk in our hometown’s 4 on the 4th race.  And every year, he beats me.  Not to make excuses, but I have asthma, hip tendonitis, flat feet, and a little bit of knee junk.  One hot mess.  However, this year, I ran the entire first mile and had more energy to keep going.  B, on the other hand, needed some emotional support.  So even though he beat me on the last mile, I won the first mile.  That makes it a tie right?

11. I love taking evening walks with B.  With the air a little cooler, it is so nice to just get out and walk and talk.

12. I wish I could live at the beach.

13. I wish I could live at my in-laws’ pool (well, hypothetically speaking).

14. Since marrying B and getting to use his A/C, I have become a sleeping in the heat baby.  Anything without A/C is now uncomfortable.

15. Sunglasses never fail to make me feel a little glamorous.

16. I am SO PUMPED for our anniversary celebration and my trip to see Bestie Al!

17. I’m not a big fan of how much my hands swell in the heat.  I do enjoy running super cold water and putting my hands in it, though.

18. My morning ritual is to wake up and eat breakfast while I watch the Today Show.  I love it.

19. I love experimenting with nail polish.  Nothing spices up your feet like some hot nail polish colors.

20. Young Adult Literature.  Romance novels.  Awesome reads.

What are your summer habits?

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