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Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday

June 29, 2011

Now that I have shared what my parents so generously gave me and what I did with it, I should probably share what we actually did for my birthday!  Yes, this post is about two months late, but I’m still 25, right?  Sounds like a good time to share to me then!

To tell you the truth, we celebrated my birthday four times.  They weren’t all big celebrations, but they all involved dessert!  You see, from April 18 to the end of April, there is a whole string of birthdays.  B’s mom and dad were born on April 18 and April 22, my sister S was born on April 26, my uncle D was born on April 26, and I was born on April 28.  That’s a lot of birthdays in a little amount of time.  Throw in Easter and it was a busy couple of weeks.

To alleviate some of the time crunch, B took me on a surprise date as part of my birthday present.  He put me in the car and started to travel.  We ended up going to one of his coworker’s residences where she does private massages.  B had booked me an 1.25 hour massage!  Seriously, how did I catch this man?  I fell asleep on the table it felt so good!  After my massage, we went for gelato and a walk around downtown before driving home to go to dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant.About a week later, B and I hosted his parents for an early birthday dinner.  I made a horrible failure of an Angel Food cake (tip:  never use Splenda!  It won’t let anything rise!) and some yummy chicken cordon bleu.  It was quiet and relaxed.  It was also when I came down with a severe ear infection and sinus infection.

The next birthday celebration was on Easter weekend.  Again, it was a smaller celebration with some extended family who were in town for the holiday.  We don’t usually do birthday gifts with my cousins, but they were so generous and gave me a beautiful heart necklace for my twenty-fifth birthday.On my actual birthday, B had to work one of his 12-hour shifts, so he made me my birthday pie ahead of time and we ate together when he got home.  It was the very first full sized pie he had ever made, and I declared it a birthday success.The final big celebration took place in Boston.  Most of our friends live in the Boston area because of where we went to school, and it can be difficult getting them to visit us in Maine (but don’t get me started on that one).  We decided that it would be a great time to go visit Boston again, so we drove to one of the outer T stations, parked, and walked around.  It ended up being a rainy day, but seeing our friends made it much sunnier.  We all met for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Harvard Square and enjoyed our evening together, even splurging on some divine cupcakes after!And just like that, my twenty-fifth year was celebrated.  I still cannot believe that I have entered the back half of my twenties.  What’s up with that?  But with celebrations like these, why wouldn’t I want more birthdays?

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