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Mr. Fix It

June 21, 2011

B and I spent the weekend hanging out in our hometown with our dads to celebrate, well, them, of course!  As much as living twenty minutes apart can be a hassle when visiting our parents (if you see one, it’s almost expected that you see the other), it definitely has its benefits when you need to split the day between some fabulous people.We spent the night with my parents after coming home from a Drama Club fundraiser.  On Friday, I had a wisdom tooth removed, and even with my sharing that with the parents of my drama club kiddos, no one pitched in to relieve me of working that night.  Slightly annoyed, we got through it and drove to my parents’ house for the night so we could start off Father’s Day by sharing breakfast with them.  Father’s Day started with some delicious waffles, some laughs, some gifts, and some hiking.  B and I gifted my dad a book about WWII (his passion for learning) and a framed photo of me and him at the wedding.  His reaction was adorable, and it was clear that he was incredibly proud of it.Since planning a wedding, it’s become abudantly clear just how supportive and understanding my dad is.  Though I have never doubted it before, his reassurance that everything would be as it should be was a constant rock when I let everything overwhelm me.  He was there when I broke down about having no idea what to do about the centerpieces and blacksmithed all of the stands.  He was there when I had my bridal shower, making delicious crepes for all of the attendees to enjoy.  He was there when I got ready and he was there when I walked down the aisle.  He has been there through moving me back and forth from college, stayed strong when my mom got sick, and worked two jobs in order to pay for our wedding.  He made sure my sister and I had access to as much education as we wanted, and cheered me on as I got my Bachelor’s and my Master’s degrees.  He was there when B and I bought our first car, rented our first apartment, and took our first trip off from the continent (well, he dropped us off at the airport; he didn’t come with us… that would be weird).  He took time off to go to my high school field hockey games, my elementary school field trips and performances, and sick days when I couldn’t talk myself into pushing through it.  My dad has been there through a lot.  He’s been there; and that’s all a daughter (and now son-in-law) can ask for.Happy Father’s Day, dads of the world!  May you be there for your children like mine has!

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