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Great For You, But What About Me?

June 16, 2011

With summer on our doorsteps, everyone seems to be on a diet.  I suppose it’s part of nature that humans haven’t figured out how to turn off yet.  Instead of hibernating, we add some weight during the winter and shed it in the summer.  I certainly tried to do the opposite of that this winter, working out at least five times a week for most of it.  But where is my weight loss?Taken in November

Taken in May – can you see a little difference in my face?

Throughout my workouts, I have noticed some changes.  My thighs are smaller, my stomach seems to be getting flatter.  But the scale hasn’t budged all that much.  Since December, I have lost about five pounds.  Yeah, it’s five pounds – five pounds that I am glad to see go away and never come back.  But I have colleagues who have lost 20-30 pounds in three months.  A couple of them are my size.  Why isn’t it working for me?  I’m tracking calories, I’m working out… what’s going on?  Anyone have any ideas?

I see diets being talked about on the Today Show, and some of them make me wonder.  Why on earth would you have to cut out fruit?  I thought we were supposed to eat fruit!  I don’t buy into plans like Atkins.  I do need to watch how many carbs I eat, but I’m not willing to believe that I will lose weight and keep it off by removing an entire food group or two.  Whatever happened to balanced meals?  Don’t even get me started on that whole “cleanse” thing made out of cayanne pepper, soy sauce and fruit juice.  Right, because that’s super healthy.

So, even though it sucks, I will keep moving.  I will keep managing my eating and my portions, and I will keep waiting.  Maybe some day my weight loss will come… some day…

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  1. Amy D :) permalink
    June 20, 2011 12:57 pm

    Erin! The same thing happens with me! Remember that muscle is heavier than fat, so if you’re getting toned you’re probably replacing fat lbs for heavier muscle lbs. But the muscle lbs are super sexy 🙂 My theory is as long as the clothes fit well and I look good…. who cares what the number is?!

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