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Behind Curtain #1

June 15, 2011

When B and I were planning our wedding, I hadn’t ever heard of anyone who had a photo booth as part of their reception.  I came across it one during a wedding expo where they were letting people try them for free, and I fell in love.  I still have the picture strip with my mom, my sister, and B.  Love it.  I knew we should have one at our wedding, but with the budget we had, hiring one was out of the question, so we made one.  Was it as great as the professional one?  No, but we certainly got some great photos!

The backdrop was pretty important to me, and I wanted it to go along with our wedding color scheme.  We ended up embracing almost all shades of blue, so the fabric I chose from Amy Butler’s went nicely.  But after the wedding, I had do idea what to do with it.  I wanted to turn the fabric into something for our apartment, but it didn’t go with our living room color scheme, so pillows were out.  (Plus I don’t have a sewing machine.) What else could I do?  I ended up folding it up and putting it in my fabric collection corner, where it has stayed since July.

Until Friday, that is.  With the not-so-funny April Fool’s Day snow storm wreaking havoc all over the state, I had a day off from school and wanted to spruce up our apartment.  I think I’m still stuck in the newlywed nesting phase.  I looked at the curtain again, looked around our apartment, and decided it needed to be the curtain for our dining room.  With a few tacks, some navy blue satin ribbon, and a few swollen fingers, we have a new use for our wedding photo booth backdrop!

The top of the curtain is simply satin ribbon that we used in the wedding as well.

How have you repurposed your wedding leftovers?

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