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A Change in Priorities

June 7, 2011

As you may have noticed, I have been quite silent as of late.  Nary a post would be sent out into the blogging world from my busy fingers.  Why?  Well, it’s not a cool reason like I’m boycotting this website or anything; it’s because of my schedule as a teacher, a wife, a writer, and a human being.

Let’s start at the beginning.  When I started blogging about our wedding in November 2009, writing was a release.  I had a job situation that I didn’t particularly care for, I was living at home with my parents, which isn’t the bad part since they are great, and didn’t have access to the internet outside of work (yes, places like that really do still exist, though when I left the house, my parents got wifi.  Go figure), B was living two states away, and wedding planning was saving me from realizing how lonely I was being away from my friends.  Sad, but true.  Now, I have a different lifestyle.  My job is so much better, though I have to work a lot harder to keep up.  I get to live with B and set up our home together.  We’re married!  I still am lonely for most of my friends who live out of state, but it’s something to work on.

So where does writing fit?  At first, I thought it was something I could fit in any day of the week.  I could spend an hour typing away about random newlywed thoughts I had, projects I am planning, or recipes I had tried.  I did that for a while, but when I took a look at what else was going on around me, it seemed like I was doing a lot of writing and not a whole lot of responsible working.  At one point, I had let my grading for my kids pile up.  They weren’t happy waiting, and I wasn’t happy listening to them gripe and complain as I struggled through grading their papers at warp speed.  Every time grades were due, I would stay up hours past my normal bed time just to get it all done.  The system wasn’t working.

I have also put more of an emphasis on physical fitness.  I try to work out at least every other day, and it has mostly turned into an everyday routine.  When I’m done working out, it’s time to hang out with B when he either gets home from work or when we make dinner.  Sorry guys, but hanging out with my husband, becoming healthier, and cooking take precedent over writing.

But man, do I miss it.  I’ll come up with different entries in my head and plan on setting aside time on the weekends to write about them.  I have so much I want to share!  I just need to find the time.  Thankfully, I have only a handful of school days left before I am on summer break!  Woohoo!  There are so many more projects I can share with you, from redoing a wardrobe to make it into a china cabinet to taking an online class for the first time.  Oh, and I’m also doing an epic roadtrip with Bestie Al on the west coast!

So hang on, all of you people who still have me on your readers.  I’m back and I’m ready to write!  Thanks for sticking around!

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  1. June 10, 2011 12:55 am

    Good for you for the fitness! I too have been trying to get into a healthier routine. But it takes time!

    Anyway, welcome back.

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