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Why Hello *Cough* *Cough*

May 5, 2011

Oh man, the past three weeks in the H household have been sick.  Literally.  You may have seen my post lamenting my ear infection and my sinus infection.  Thankfully, right around Easter, I began to rebound, and while I am not completely up to snuff (ha ha… no?  Okay…), I’m only fighting with phlegm.  B, however, has come down with similar symptoms a few days ago, mostly suffering from a headache, fever, and scratchy throat.  Thankfully, I think his is just a cold, not anything as potent as my ailments.

Being sick for that long did throw off my workout routine.  I successfully made it through Lent and my goal to workout five times a week.  I am proud that I got through it, and I hope to continue it for an undetermined amount of time.  I ended up doing Pilates for most of the week leading up to Easter because I just couldn’t breathe, and man, I am paying for it now that I am back to Jillian Michaels’ videos!  Holy poop!  For my birthday, B and Miss C got me Jillian Michaels’ latest torture workout video, “Ripped in 30.”  Now, before I got sick, I could handle the third and hardest level of the “30 Day Shred” pretty well.  I was proud of myself!  Being true to the 30-day process, I started my new video on level 1.  HOLY. CRAP.  The first level included moves that the other video didn’t have until level 3!  I don’t know if Jillian is trying to cater to people who had already done “30 Day Shred” or what, but I feel like I have gone for a long distance run in the rain when I am done with the video.  I drrriiiiipppppp.  B doesn’t want to touch me (or smell me) after.  I’m on my fifth day, and I hope to keep do this for a full 30 days.

Getting in shape for summer is definitely one of my goals, but I think a bigger issue needs to be addressed.  Tanning is on a lot of people’s minds; it’s just one of those things people love about summer.  But before you go out into the sun, please do yourself a favor and watch the movie below.  It’s worth the couple of minutes out of your day, and hopefully you’ll pass it along.  As a woman from a family with a history of skin cancer, it’s very important to me, so consider me sharing this with you as a way of looking out for all of my readers.

Stay healthy everyone!

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