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The Mystery Mobile

April 6, 2011

Oh, how I love surprises!  And dates with my husband!  AND surprise dates with my husband!  While Scooby-Doo and the gang won’t be joining us on this one, B has planned out (very successfully, I might add) a surprise birthday date for me this coming Saturday.  While my birthday will be about 20 days later, I have been told that our “activity” could only happen on a Saturday.  Hmmm… very mysterious, B, very mysterious.

I think what I love most about this is that B did all of the planning and really seems to be enjoying the element of surprise.  I am a sucker for surprises.  I never want to know what people are giving me as gifts; I don’t touch Christmas gifts under the tree until I am allowed to open them.  I think feeling up your presents is cheating (you hear that, B?  CHEATING!).  I love the look on people’s faces when they open something that they never thought someone else would notice they enjoyed (like me getting a statement necklace from B this past Christmas).

I wanted our proposal to be the same way.  The universe, however, had a few other plans.  While I didn’t know for sure that B would be proposing on our spring break trip, I kept getting weird little signs.  The day before we left, I got a postcard from J.C. Penney in the mail congratulating me on planning my wedding.  Where it came from, I still haven’t a clue.  Maybe it was because of wanting to look at pictures on  Maybe?  Who knows.  When my parents saw it, I laughed at it and told my dad he had “nothing to worry about.  It wasn’t like I was really getting married any time soon.”  Yeah… about that…  It was also wedding week on The Food Network the week of my birthday, and all of my friends kept giggling about how great it would be if we had a way to celebrate wedding week for real when we all got back.  They had no idea the proposal was coming.  Ahhh, life’s little signs.

But this date?  Yeah, it’s not like that at all.  B is like the Fort Knox of birthday secret dates right now, and even with the billions of questions I asked last night, I cannot make heads or tails of it.  I asked what kind of shoes I should wear, how long the car ride was, if the weather mattered, if the destination was determined by the activity or the meal… everything I could think of.  What?  Just because I like surprises doesn’t mean I don’t like a good logic puzzle to chew on.

One thing I do know, though, is that it’s going to be great.  And you had better believe there will be a post with lots of pictures after Saturday!



But seriously… anyone have any ideas?


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