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30 Before 30

April 6, 2011

I have only a couple weeks before I turn 25, and it has me thinking about setting goals.  When you set goals when you are young, I don’t think it’s as powerful as when you are older; you don’t have the means to make them happen as much.  You probably don’t have a car (maybe that’s one of your goals), you probably don’t have a career, etc.  Now that I am into the years where I can make my goals happen, I want to create a list of 30 things to accomplish before turning 30.  Let’s see how this goes.

1.  Go to Europe at least once.

2.  Take a photography class.

3.  Reread all of the Harry Potter books again.

4.  Learn enough Spanish to have a conversation.

5.  Feel comfortable in my own skin (which means working hard to tone everything up).

6.  Pay off most of my student loans (have no more than $5000 left).

7.  Get a pet (cat or dog, but it has to be at a time when we feel like we aren’t cheating on our pets who live with our parents).

8.  Have someone buy a piece of my photography.

9.  Enter a cooking or baking competition.

10.  Start another Master’s degree.

11.  Take a cooking class (preferably with B).

12.  Move to another state (and live to tell the tale).

13.  See the Eiffel Tower in person.

14.  Live in a house/apartment where I can paint the walls (we’ll see if this happens).

15.  Run (and actually run) a 5k or the Four of the Fourth (a local race B and I do every year)

16.  Be someone’s role model.

17.  Be in another one of my friends’ weddings.

18.  Take someone’s engagement pictures (and kick butt at it).

19.  Sew a piece of clothing for myself.

20.  See a volcano.

21.  Learn to do a dive.

22.  Try a type of ethnic food I have never had before (like Ethiopian).

23.  Cook a turkey (correctly!)

24.  Celebrate our five year anniversary with our family and friends.

25.  Confidently wear a bikini.

26.  Start seriously thinking about having some little chicklettes.

27. Grow my hair out and donate it to Beautiful Lengths at least one more time.

28.  Apply to be on “Amazing Race” with B.

29.  Go to Cape Cod.

30.  Donate blood once a year.

AAANNNNNDDDDD one to grow on:  Welcome in the decade of my thirties in STYLE!  (Hey B, let’s start planning, okay?)

What are your life goals?  I have a lot more that I want to accomplish in my lifetime (like going to all of the Disney properties), but five years at a time seems like a nice pace.

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