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Oh Baby (Or Not)

April 4, 2011

As B and I approach the one-year mark (only a little over three months!), I’ve noticed that people seem to be a little more verbal about our intentions to reproduce any time soon.  After all, in one year, we could totally decide our true feelings for each other, decide we have more than enough love and patience to go around, and be completely financially stable, right?  Well, at least the first and the first half of the first two are correct.

I’m not sure where it started with people badgering newlyweds about having a baby as soon as they can.  Maybe it comes from days when it was important to do so because you had a farm to run or something.  Well, the H family doesn’t have a farm – actually, we don’t even have a backyard, thanks to living in an apartment – and we don’t want to have kids yet.  Heck, I’m just figuring out that I’m not a kid anymore.  Maybe it has something to do with society’s obsession with the next best thing.  First, a couple feels pressure to be the next ones to get engaged.  Then there’s the ever relaxing planning of the wedding.  When that excitement is over, what do you do then?  Oh, that’s right, pop out babies! Or maybe, just maybe, it’s spring making everyone baby-obsessed.

Let me say on record that some day I do intend on having children, whether I pop them out or we pop them out of another country.  And I am not against other people having children right after they get married.  If you and your partner feel like this is the time and you’re pumped for it, go forth and multiply!  I am an equal opportunities person, and if it’s right for one person, that doesn’t mean it has to be right for another.  I’m not judging (though I do judge all of the people who have come out of my high school, waited 5 minutes after receiving their diplomas, and decided the next best thing to college is having unprotected sex and then acting surprised when they get pregnant.  Seriously?  Come on.).

Is this blog post just to complain about people asking us to have babies?  No.  That would be boring and moody and uncalled for.  It’s actually kind of flattering that people would look forward to little Bs and Es running around (though the idea of that is still scary for me).  What this post is really about is the fact that something does feel like it’s missing from our lives, and it could possibly come in a baby form.  Only… with four legs.  You guys, I want a puppy or two kittens SO BAD.  As in, I have given B the most adorable begging eyes every time we see signs for kitten or puppy adoption.  We could totally handle the responsibility, but our landlord wants $300 for a pet, and that pet must be under 25 pounds.  Okay, so cats are in and small dogs are in.  We’re small dog people anyway.  But we can only get ONE and that’s a lot of money.  We want to gets two kittens at the same time so they get used to each other right off the bat, and we would like to get puppies and kittens in a similar time frame.  But now, living here, we can only get one.  F0r $300.

I guess everyone will have to wait for something in the baby realm…

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  1. Jen D. permalink
    April 4, 2011 8:29 pm

    Oh, having a little dog is so great…but soooo much more expensive and more work than you would ever imagine! With all of the shots, neutering, check ups, food, toys, bed, etc it adds up. I think it’s totally worth it, but (kind of like with kids) you really have to make sure you’re financially ready.

    Also, the time thing can be really hard. I’m not so much a cat person, but cats are waaaay easier as far as time concerns go. You can’t leave your dog along for more than your 8 hour work day really and they need lots of attention and lots of walks. You also can’t just decide to go on a trip or even stay overnight somewhere without a plan for the dog. I know you already know all of this, but even though we knew how much responsibility it would be, it was still a bit of a “Wow!” when we adopted our little dog 4 years ago. Even now we’re planning a trip to DC and we’re still in the process of finding out where to leave Bandit for that week. I definitely recommend that everyone should “practice” by owning a dog before having kids!

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