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Twenty-Five Years Equals Twenty-Five Things

April 1, 2011

My twenty-fifth birthday is coming up late this month, and I thought that since I did a spiritual wish list for Christmas, it would be okay to do a tangible wish list for my birthday.  What?  It’s not like I’m demanding these things!  They’re just pretty and cool!  Roll with it!

1.  Bow Clutch PurseAhhhh… hello lover.  This is so frickin adorable!  I would start making outfits match the purse instead of the other way around.  Maybe it will even go with my dress for Ms. C’s wedding in August?

2.  Silcone Baking MatThis would be super helpful for a lot of baking projects.  I have had a lot (that I can’t think of right now) that called for one, so it could come in handy.

3.  Double Delicious! Cookbook by Jessica SeinfeldIf you have been following along, you know I have a love for Jessica Simpson’s first cookbook, Deceptively Delicious.  I use her veggie purees in almost everything now, even if there is no set recipe for it.  I would love to pick up a copy of her newest cookbook to keep the healthy train going strong.  I also just found that she has a food blog with different food ideas, so follow along if you are interested!

4.  Canon EF-S Telephoto LensI have been lusting over new camera lenses for quite some time.  I practically hinted at it every day for the month before Christmas.  While the lens that I have for my camera now is pretty cool, I want to branch out and become a better photographer, meaning I need different tools to aid me.  A telephoto lens would be amazing for capturing details and faraway sights.

5.  ART! And lots of it!  Holding Hands PrintI would love to have some art to decorate our walls.  I love the geometric features and the simplicity of this print, and I think it would look fabulous in our kitchen.

6.  More art!  I Left My Heart In… Maps by CirclePrintsI left my heart in Rome for our honeymoon, and I love love love these prints!  I would love to have a collection that grows with us as we move in life.  If there is a special place, I would love a map like this with a heart on it.  Right now, I would get a print of Rome (the one above), Dublin, Providence, RI, Cambridge, MA, and our hometown in Maine.

7.  Some butt-kicking a la Jillian MichaelsI want to try Jillian’s new workout DVD really badly.  I am loving the results I am seeing from the 30 Day Shred, and I would love to have a little bit of variety.  I want to be a hot 25 year old.

8.  And a little power relaxation to boot with Rodney Yee’s Power YogaThere is something incredibly soothing about Rodney Yee’s voice, and the fact that I can use it to burn calories is amazing.  Sign me up!

9. Some kid time: MulanYes, I am turning 25, but I don’t care.  It doesn’t change my taste in quality animated films!  I have asked for this movie for YEARS for every holiday and still haven’t received it.  I may have to break down and buy it myself.  Come on, you know you still love Disney!

10.  Some confidence in color:  Red Necklace by MishMeshMaybe it’s the constant battering of stupid snow storms this winter (dear Mother Nature, give it a rest!), but something has me craving some serious statement pieces in bold colors.  Maybe I’m finally coming into my own for style (it only took 25 years!).  I love the combination of the orangey-red and the turquoise.  It reminds me of the color combo I picked for our bathroom.

11.  Subliminal Messages for us and our guests:  I Heart You by Target

What?  I have a thing for modern design and covering our walls with art.  I also have a thing for love.  I want art!

12.  A cool drink of water:  Blue Floral Porcelain Pitcher by Target

I saw this pitcher when B and I were roaming through Target last weekend and fell in love.  It goes with our fancy pants china and our everyday dishes.  The glaze is gorgeous, and it taps into my love affair with simple white and blue.

13.  Whooo’s lighting your house?:  Owl Lamp by Target

B’s undergrad alma mater has the owl as their mascot, and I just can’t help wanting this because it’s too freakin’ adorable!  The solid color makes it a little less “hey, I’m built for a small child” and perfect for our living room color scheme.  I would put it with a kelly green lamp shade.  Buy it for me!

14.  Store it up: Storage Ottoman from Target

I have a thing for furnishing our home, and this would be perfect.  The size is small enough for our living room and big enough to hide some of our clutter in the living room.

15.  A little transparency in my life:  Spun Hurricane Vase and Candle Holders by Crate and Barrel

Gorgeous, no?  I would love to collect some classic pieces that could go from season to season and still look hot.

16.  No junk in the trunk here!:  Toning Sneakers by ReebokI have a confession.  I don’t really have a butt.  I never have.  Flat butts run on both sides of my family, so anything I can do help counteract nature is good by me (as long as it’s not super dangerous or pricey).  These are neither dangerous nor pricey compared to other options, and the colors are super cute!

17.  I may be a little square:  Four Poster Bed Frame by IkeaI know, I know… I have put a lot of home decor on here.  What?  I am still doing the whole “newlywed nesting” thing.  Whatevs.  I want a four poster bed soooo badly, and this one is cute and pretty affordable compared to the other options.  If you have found one for less, please let me know!

18.  Putting the right foot forward: Boutique 9 Karyl

My shoe collection is lacking in the classic basics.  I have a million pairs of flip flops, but grown up shoes?  Not so much.  It’s time to change.  These would be a LOVELY addition!

19.  I have a stunningly bright future:  Colorful sunglassesWith an epic summer road trip coming up in July with bestie Al, I would love some statement-making sun glasses for when I make my debut on the west coast!

20.  Paris in the fall:  A trip to FranceNeed I say more?  It’s Paris.  It’s France.  It’s fabulous.

21.  We want a little one… with four legs:  A Dachshund Puppy!Please?  PLEASE?  You can’t say no to that face!

22.  And how about a couple of sisters?:  Kittens!B and I put a ton of importance on rescuing animals, so we want to adopt two cats at the same time so that they will grow up together.  I know a lot of people want kittens, but if they are older cats who are cool with each other, awesome for us!  We love all felines!

23.  I would like a smooth entry into the second half of the twenties:  Palm SanderWith the number of furniture projects I have lined up for the summer, this would save a ton of time and arm work.

24.  DIY designing: Sewing machineI want to design pillow covers and everything else for our home, and this is purple to boot!  Yes please!

25.  Annnnddddd… some true blue:  A Topaz cocktail ringMmmmmm… pretty….

Now, do I expect to get any of this?  No way.  I would settle for a fun day with my loving husband and my family and friends.  Oh, and a blueberry pie (are you reading this, B?  BLUEBERRY PIE!).  It’s just fun to look at what options are out there.

What are you hoping for for you birthday?


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