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The Always Surprising Mrs. H

March 31, 2011

It still looks funny when I see “Mrs.”  Maybe it’s because my school has a policy where women are referred to as “Ms.” to keep things even for everyone.  Whatever it is, it looks funny, but I can tell you one other thing that would probably look pretty funny, especially to my students:  my music collection.

Being a 24-year-old high school teacher, you have to set yourself apart from your students.  After all, I still look like one, only one who dresses very professionally.  Seriously, I get mistaken for a teenager all the time.  When I went in to register my mom’s car in August, I asked the woman at the town office what I would need to do to put my car in my name (my parents currently have the title under their names).  She nicely told me what I would need to do, adding that it would have to “be a couple years” at the end.  When I pressed her for why, she said that you have to be eighteen in the state of Maine to legally own your own car in your own name.  Yeah.  This is the same woman who had filed our marriage license.  It was sitting in a file four or five filing cabinets away from her.  I also got carded at BJs because I “didn’t look old enough to buy sharp knives.”  I was also cornered by a teacher when I was 22 and asked why I was using the faculty restroom when I taught in Providence.  The school was a middle school.

Most of the time, I find it funny.  I try to set myself apart through my aptitude and demeanor.  Plus, it helps that I am articulate and don’t use “like” or texting acronyms every other expression.

But you know where people wouldn’t be able to see the difference?  My iPod.  I’m pretty sure my seniors would laugh hysterically or have their eyes pop out if they knew what was really in my music collection.  While the boys spout off about the classic rock bands they love, I quietly flip through my own playlists.  It could get a little embarrassing.

My latest downloads (the first one is perfectly acceptable.  The second… not so much… but it was on sale for $0.69!):

Okay, what’s with Miley’s music video?  And the giant wings?  Huh.  Didn’t see that one coming…

A lot of my music collection could be categorized as pop.  I guess I never grew out of the late 1990s/early 2000s.  Ke$ha, the Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry… the gang is all there.  There are, of course, redeeming artists in there too, like Averi (who is I guess now known as Chad Perrone):

and the always lovely and delectable Josh Groban (B has already told me he’s okay with me having little musical babies with Josh.  I believe in putting all marriage understandings out there in the beginning 😉 ):

(And if you haven’t seen this, PLEASE GO NOW!  It will make your day SO MUCH BETTER!)

Sure, I try to act a few years older than my age (especially when my students actually do the math and figure out just how many years separate us), but my musical tastes totally give me away.

How about you?  Any musical skeletons on your MP3 player?  Come on, you know you have some!


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