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Vlog Friday: Finally, Some Catch Up (and Mustard)

March 25, 2011

I’m fiiiinally back and participating in vlogging again.  With every Friday chewed up because of some trip, it’s been super hard keeping up to date!  I think I have finally fixed my problem with Youtube (don’t ask me how… I have no idea!), so let’s hope this week’s vlog doesn’t get cut off in the middle.

This week’s prompt was to share what your high school self expected life to be like for you.  HA!  Oh, high school me… you were pretty naive.  Also, you really shouldn’t say things you have no control over to B… it’ll come back to bite you…  I’m also doing super fast recaps of the other prompts I missed, which were to rant about something (though I don’t really rant), give the best lie I ever told, and share my favorite three books and hypothetical literary husband.  Phew.  That’s a lot of vlog.  But here we go…

The high school me thought life would be pretty sweet (which it is), but I’m definitely not married to a tall dark doctor like I thought.  Where I got any idea like that is beyond me.  High school brains are funny like that.

This was our French class during my junior year.  I’m the one in the aqua, since I clearly didn’t get the message about wearing a red dress.  Also, what’s with my hair?  I don’t remember it being that spiky…

What were you like in high school?

Add your vlog to the list!

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