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Life Goes On

March 7, 2011

Life goes on, and you had better keep up.  It has been absolutely crazy in the H household as of late, and I feel like I have had zero time to get my thoughts together to write.  Hoe I have missed truly writing.  I also miss when my vlogs work.  Dear Photobooth and YouTube, I would love it if my videos would work and could be longer than 1.28 minutes.  That’d be awesome.  Thanks.

Today has been called a snow day because of the freezing rain and flooding that has been devouring the snowbanks of the Northeast.  I’m super excited to see the snow go away so I can see any on-coming cars when I try to leave our driveway, but I’m not happy that I’m missing yet another rehearsal with my drama club at a time when every single rehearsal is precious.  We compete on Friday, and today’s snow day is killing our rehearsal time.  Last year, under a different director, my kids won second place at regionals.  I want first place, but how can we get there if we keep having canceled practices?  And don’t even get me started on students who don’t show up or keep their grades up.

Last night was anything but normal.  At 1:10 AM, B and I were awakened to the (confusing) sound of our building’s fire alarm.  Having never heard it before, we sat up in bed, confused, drowsy, and alarmed, and B, the brave husband that he is, went to go check it out.  He thought it could be our dishwasher (oh God, please don’t let our dishwasher ever make that noise!), but when he opened the door to the hallway, it became clear it was the fire alarm.  There was also no power.  We threw on our coats, grabbed our keys and cell phones, and went out the door.  Oh, and it was raining.  Hard.  Thankfully, we had our car to get into to warm up, and shortly after Ms. C and Mr. A came to join us with their cat, Bear.  Eventually, the fire department came, and, about 30 minutes later, we were allowed to go back into our apartment.  No explanation, no apologies, no sleep.  No thanks.

When we came back into the building, I thought about the previous vlog post I did on what I would grab in case of a fire.  And you know what?  I grabbed none of it except for my husband.  When you are in the moment, half-asleep and running on adrenaline, nothing else matters.  I did learn, however, that you need to know three things when possible emergencies arise:  1.  Know where your keys are.  2. Know where a flashlight is.  3.  Know where your people are.  4.  Know where your phone is.  Those were the most important parts.

So here is to getting more time to write, reflect, and craft!  Wish my kids luck on their One Act competition and have a fabulous week!

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  1. March 7, 2011 10:14 pm

    I always think about what I’d grab in a fire but it would be hard, in the moment, I think. At least you got the most important thing! Glad it was a false alarm.

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