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Vlog Friday: Mmmm Irish…

March 5, 2011

Oh man.  The past couple weeks have been cah-ray-zee.  Like, I may be experiencing some of that Charlie Sheen drug going around.  Someone check my face to see if it’s melting.  I wouldn’t want my family weeping over my exploded body.  My drama club is in the final week of getting ready to compete with our one act play, and the pressure is mounting.  With students getting sick, people trying to get their grades up in order to get eligible, and just trying to keep people coming to rehearsal when we need them, it’s a whirlwind.  On top of that, B has started new work hours and now works three 12 hour sets a week.  Hello, life!

This week’s post, though, has been a fun little island of dreaminess to think about.  Not that I would trade in B, but come on… it’s fun to think about yourself as a story character.  For those of you out of the know, the prompt this week was…

What are your three favorite books, and who would be your literary spouse?

Enjoy some eye candy.  You can thank me when you stop drooling.


It’s a good thing B didn’t leave me alone too long on our honeymoon… I might have brought home an Irish guy as a souvenir…

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