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The Importance of a Toothbrush and Toothpaste

February 25, 2011

… on silver platters.

Remember those two silver trays I scooped up at Goodwill?  I got a small one on Wednesday and a larger one for a centerpiece a while ago.  

Well, in my crafting blitzkrieg today, I decided they needed some TLC, STAT.  I went to my main pals for this mission:  a cheap toothbrush and some toothpaste.  What?  You’ve never heard of this?  Really?  Well, okay, I thought it was crazy the first time I heard about it too, but it really does work!

All you have to do is wet the toothbrush (not people’s toothbrushes that they need!  You do NOT want them putting this back in their mouths!) and put on the toothpaste, just like you are brushing your pearly whites.  Then brush your silver!  I find working in medium sized circles works the best, and some spots need a little back and forth action to get into the crevices.  I bought a toothbrush for $1.00 at Walmart for this and just used the toothpaste we already had opened.

After about 15 minutes on each (hey, good results take some work!), I had a couple of shiny platters.  The smaller one is now my jewelry holder on my bedroom side table, and the larger one is still holding down the fort as our table centerpiece.

Give it a shot with your tarnished silver!  I’m pretty sure the people who gave these away would take a second look if they could see them now!

What household stuff do you use to clean?

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