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A Very Hairy Situation

February 24, 2011

Hair.  Oh my God, hair.

Hair has never been in short supply for me.  I grow hair like rabbits grow… other rabbits.  I have been told by multiple hair stylists that I have three times the amount of hair a normal head would have, and it grows about three times as fast.  All of this adds up to me getting my hair cut either (1) often to keep my hair how I like it or (2) next to never because it never stays the same.

After the wedding and Miss Sox’s wedding, I decided that I couldn’t stand my hair being that long anymore.  In middle school, I had hair that grew well past my butt and after that, I swore I would never have hair that long ever again.  My wedding hair was as long as it had been since middle school.

I swear I don’t smile like that.  I am in the middle of explaining how B bought one of my wedding presents off from our registry and lied about it.  I swear!

While I do admit that I grow pretty hair, it gets really heavy, hot, and unshapely, so it was time to chop it.  I had done some research and knew that I had enough to donate Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, so I had my sister (my hair stylist extraordinaire) braid my hair and chop off the required eight inches.

I sent it off and was left with a lovely bob cut.  I loved it!

It was great.  I had a funky A-line hair cut that was pretty and hip and I loved it.

And then it grew.  The picture below shows its growth in five months.  It still looked good, but it was starting to not have a shape anymore.  I could straighten it, but I never had time to do that (and I hate to hurt my hair that way).

So it was time to chop it again.  Some of my students asked me if I had a hair cutting addiction.  Gee, thanks guys.  You look nice too.  This time, I went a little short and a little piece-ier.  I love this one too, except for when I want to pull it back to workout.  Oh well.  You can’t win it all.

Welcome to my apartment when I’m on vacation in the morning.  Oops.

How fast does your hair grow?  Do you constantly need haircuts, or do you try and try and try to grow your hair?

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