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Truth Day 2: Some Lovin’

February 12, 2011

For the second day of “30 Days of Truth,” I am supposed to tell you about something I love about myself.  As bad as my last post was (though completely honest), there is just as much self lovin’ going on (but not in a dirty way!).  There are some amazing qualities about myself that I love, so I am going to share just a couple.

Lovin’ #1:  I love my eyes.  Their color changes all the time, especially when I wear blue or green shirts.  I love that they are unique and that people always have something different to say when asked what color my eyes are.  My license says blue, but I’m not so sure.  They’re more like blue-green-gray.  They are the color of my grandfather and my dad’s, as well as a similar color to B’s.  If we have kids, they are going to have some gorgeous peepers.

Don’t worry, we were only sad because we had to leave Europe.  We’re generally pretty happy people.

Lovin’ #2:  I love the dot by my right eye.  See it in the photo above?  It’s been there since birth.  I think it’s awesome; other people think it’s something that’s about to fall into my eye.  One time, my grandmother tried to scratch it off because she thought it was a piece of cookie.  Apparently she thinks I get really into eating cookies.  I used to draw all of my people with the mark when I was little.  I love that it’s a mark that almost no one else has.

Lovin’ #3:  I love that I am a creative person.  How boring would life be if I couldn’t look at something and see how to make it new?  What if I couldn’t ever do craft projects?  What if I couldn’t problem-solve?  I certainly wouldn’t have the job I have now, that’s for sure.  Creativity has made me a better writer, a better teacher, a better wedding planner (and MOH), a better cook, a better wife, and, I think, a more interesting person. 

What do you love about yourself?

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