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Colorful Lives

February 12, 2011

I think I have finally discovered/decided upon the color schemes for our rooms!  It’s taken a while to get to this point, what with all of the mismatched furniture from our college days, the hand-me-downs that are super from yard sales and parents, moving into our apartment, catching the design bug and not being able to paint at all.  I had a stroke of genius last night around 11:30 that I should just write them all down, even the ones I’m playing with still in my head, and then they all just seemed to come together.

Kitchen:  White, Cobalt, Yellow, Cornflower


Starry Night has been my favorite painting since high school.  I have a coffee thermos with it on it, I geek out when one of my students brings in his water bottle with it on it, and it has always been a dream of mine to have it on a wall somewhere.  And I’m not talking about a poster; I’m talking painting it onto a wall of my house.  Big ambitions, I know, but it can certainly be my theme for a room.  The kitchen is perfect for it because of the tones we had picked out when registering for our wedding gifts.  I love how they all work together and create a cool, vibrant palette!  Dining room:  Turquoise, White, Orange, Navy Blue


I saw a picture online a couple of days ago (which of course I can’t find now) that blew my other ideas out of the water.  I knew I wanted to continue some of the blue theme in from the kitchen (they are essentially one long room in our apartment right now), but I wanted it to have its own distinct vibe.  Enter:  orange.  Orange adds pops of personality and vibrancy to the palette without screaming “LOOK!  ORANGE!”  Living room:  Black, White, Leaf Green, Butter Yellow, Magenta


I’ve been toying with this room’s scheme for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I knew I needed something to pop, like the orange in the dining room.  I have fallen in love with all of the yellow, black, white, and gray weddings I have seen and read about through Weddingbee, so I wanted to incorporate that color scheme into our home.  I thought green would be an excellent choice in the room, but something was still missing.  I wanted something I could play with a little.  And truthfully, I wanted something a tiny bit girly.  Shhh… don’t tell B…  So I through in magenta just for giggles.  AND IT WORKED.  It’s not going to be all about magenta, but a pillow or wall print here or there will really shine.  And I get my girly fix in.

Bedroom:  White, Kelly Green, Cream, Black, Other Shades of Green


I know, you’re thinking this room is awfully similar to the living room color scheme, but that’s okay to me.  The range of greens in our room will throw it off from whatever is going on in the living room.  I really only plan on painting an accent wall a super great shade of green and letting the rest of the walls be white.  Our furniture will be black and white to accent it.  I may throw some shades of gray in there too for good measure.Bathroom:  Chocolate Brown, Tan, Turquoise, Poppy Red


Ah, the piece de resistance.  When we registered for bathroom linens for our wedding, we knew we wanted turquoise, so we thought of chocolate brown and tan as accents, key word being “accents.”  Well, for some reason, everyone who bought us bathroom linens decided to only buy BROWN and TAN!  We have zero colorful towels, bath mats, etc.  We bought a great turquoise shower curtain to help offset all of the blah browns and throw in some color, but I thought we needed a little something extra.  We seem to have a beach theme or ocean theme going on (why is that so popular for bathrooms?), so I want to incorporate some poppy red in the way of coral.  The colors look really modern together and fresh, something our now drab bathroom could really use.  My first job will be painting our bathroom supply holders in a coral design.  It’s so much more helpful to finally have colors figured out.  I can now determine what colors to make certain projects as I go!  Now if only spring would get here so I could go outside and start painting furniture…

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