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Being An Adult Instance #138

February 5, 2011

Let me set the scene.  I’m sick.  My nose is not quite functioning out of both nostrils.  The box of tissues is my best friend and constant companion.  I sneeze every couple of minutes.  I drink water constantly, but the dryness of my lips, my nose, and other systems in my body don’t really do anything to prove that.  With everything either running or drying out, I haven’t felt all that wonderful.  Workouts having been as intense to keep my body going.  What do all of these things lead to?

Well… how do I put this?  It leads to the inability to process your food in a timely manner.  Which then leads to feeling even worse.  Which then, eventually, leads to your toilet not processing your food… and exploding three times.  When you are home by yourself.  Yeah.  Welcome to Saturday morning.

My toilet decided to overflow three times, each time dropping about a quarter inch of water on the floor.  B had already gone to work, and in my half-cold-stupor, I was left to manage the damage by myself.  Thankfully, I knew how to shut off the water, but I’m still scared to flush the toilet now.  Some of our towels may never be the same.

After cleaning up all of the water, sanitizing every single object I could possibly could have come into contact with, and taking a thorough shower, I’m a little proud I figure it out, but still.  Gross.

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