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Behold the Beauty

January 27, 2011

A lot of blogs I read have been showcasing a prompt about showing your “true beauty” by taking pictures of yourself without makeup.  While I applaud these lovely (and I do mean that, with or without makeup) ladies for their honesty, I’m not quite sure what the whole point of makeup really is.  I rarely wear makeup, and when I do, it’s just some mascara, a cover-up stick for pimples, and lip gloss.  Surely, there are some colleagues or students who wish I would wear more, but I don’t.  I don’t have time in the morning to put it all on; I would rather be snuggled up next to my husband getting more zzzs.  It’s great for dressing up, but I don’t think a layer of eyeshadow or mascara is going to make me more professional when I teach.  Does makeup make me more likable?  Maybe to people in certain crowds.  Does makeup make me more accomplished?  Not really.  I’m not saying I roll out of bed and throw on rumpled gear – I take my time and look nice before I leave – but I typically just don’t put it on.

If you have seen pictures of me, it is 75% likely that you have seen me without makeup.  I don’t think B really notices when I wear it or not, but I guess he notices when I ask if something is too dark or out of place.  One of my college friends was telling me that her now sister-in-law dated her brother for two years before she would let him see her without makeup.  TWO YEARS.  She would get up earlier than him, put on makeup, and then go back to bed before he woke up.  Seriously, it’s time to stop being afraid of your own face.

With that sentiment, I would like to salute some gorgeous people who really show what it means to be gorgeous beyond the expectations of others.  Sure, some of these women wear makeup, but they aren’t afraid of showing themselves without it.

1.  Julie Andrews


Of course she’s wearing makeup in this photo, but she is a woman who doesn’t need a face to be seen in order to full enjoy her.  Her voice is incredible; I grew up listen to her sing her way through teaching the Von Trapp family how to be musically gifted.  Did it matter what she looked like?  Nope.  She didn’t lather on makeup, have to die for hair, or anything a lot of current celebrities do before being seen in public.  She has a natural talent and beauty that make her a true woman.

2.  Pink


Oh man, Pink is definitely one of my celebrity idols (but I don’t really have idols… so… role model?).  She is infinitely cool in how she handles herself as a pop star who had to compete with the likes of Brittney Spears.  When everyone else was trying to give the camera that “I’m almost legal, but don’t you think of me in a very adult situation?” look, she was kicking butt and taking names on her own terms.  She has stayed true to her own identity, which I assume is something very hard to do in show business.  I think she is absolutely gorgeous, especially in her latest music video in her glasses.  Love that look!

3.  Bestie C

I have gorgeous friends, and Bestie C is definitely one of them.  She doesn’t wear any makeup.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Maybe some Chapstick or gloss every once in a while, but that’s it.  We had to talk her into getting her nails done for my wedding, and even then she only wanted the nude color.  If she has ever felt uncomfortable not wearing makeup, I haven’t seen it.  She is such a caring friend and person, makeup wouldn’t really do anything for her beauty.  She’s already there!

4.  Senator Olympia Snowe


Maine is one of the only states to have both senators who are women.  Rock on, Maine!  Olympia Snowe is a goddess of the Senate.  She has been a senator for as long as I can remember and took over in our state for her husband when he met with some unfortunate circumstances.  She has been a leader among other states, made bills into policies, and has stared in a campaign for women’s health in Maine.  She’s always on different political TV shows and kicks butt with her aptitude, attitude, and articulation.

These are only a smattering of awesome women who are out there, staying beautiful with or without makeup.  If you are one of those people who are brave enough to show the world who you are, regardless of makeup, then all the power to you.  It’s not about the makeup; it’s about the person who put it on.

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  1. January 27, 2011 4:14 am

    Julie Andrews is my favorite! 🙂

  2. Jen D. permalink
    January 27, 2011 3:30 pm

    I also never wear make-up except for special occasions and I’ve never worn lipstick or mascara. I definitely should wear more foundation, etc…but like you I hate to waste my time on it in the morning. I never knew you didn’t wear any! Your skin is so beautiful!

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