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Bumps in the Road

January 24, 2011

Remember that vlog I did about being an adult and how I don’t have a ton of those moments?  Lies.  All of it.  Lies.  Okay, so maybe not all of it, but I certainly seem to be having more of those moments lately.

Like yesterday afternoon.  B called my cell phone on his way home from work; I assumed he was asking if he needed to pick up anything from the grocery store.  Nope.  He got in a minor car accident.  The other car wasn’t damaged, but ours was.  B was calling me to ask what to do.  Um… how should I know?  Call the insurance company?  Exchange info with the other driver if needed?  Call the police if the damage is over $500?  That’s all I’ve got in that department.

Now, I started to cry on the phone.  I think it was a mixture of being relieved that he was okay, being angry that it has happened, and being scared about the daunting process of getting things fixed and paid for.  I mean, come on.  I’m a teacher and he’s a banker.  We don’t have money.  How is this going to work?  I also feel a little bit resentful.  I know these things happen and life goes on, but I worry about our financial paths so much that I count pennies when we have to go grocery shopping more than once every two weeks.  I feel guilty needing to buy little things like more hair elastics because it’s not as essential as something like chicken.  And now we have to pay for something that totally could have been prevented.

But being an adult means looking at the bigger picture.  No one was hurt (besides the Volvo…), we don’t owe anyone else money for their cars, and B is still safe and sound.  These things happen from time to time, and we have to deal and get on with life.  Thankfully, I have been blessed with very helpful and supportive in-laws who are being generous enough to bring the car to their auto collision center before going to work on Monday.  We’ll see what the price tag comes up to before we file a claim with insurance.

Sometimes, being an adult kind of sucks.

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  1. January 24, 2011 8:42 pm

    Ugh, I’m sorry to hear about that. Car accidents suck big time. But you are right that the most important thing is that all parties are uninjured. Take it one day at a time. Sometimes thinking about the big picture (getting the payments done) is more overwhelming and causes stress, or in my case, panic attacks. I hope you get everything worked out! Being an adult sucks at times, but I love it for the most part!

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