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Goodwill Hunting

January 17, 2011

Oh Goodwill, you crafty character you.  How you hide behind your unassuming name and your stereotyped reputation for only having what people don’t want.  You are very sneaky, Goodwill, very sneaky.

Along with our stop to the craft store, B and I went to the newest Goodwill in South Portland near the mall.  It took over the building that used to house a giant Circuit City before it died away, so the footage available inside of this store is gigantic.  B hadn’t really ever been to a Goodwill since he was really young, and though it was the same case with me, I knew more about what we were walking into.  The walls of used (most very gently) goods that others had donated.  The racks of clothing, shoes, and books, totally unorganized but well worth the search.  I knew what we were facing.

When we walked through the automatic doors, B’s first reaction was to the books.  Right smack dab in front of the entryway sat at least eight rows of books, only organized by “fiction” and “non-fiction.”  That’s exactly where I left him, and exactly where I found him about twenty minutes later as I came back to show him my finds.  Ah B, a man who loves books.  I’m pretty sure I could bring him to a bookstore and call it an “anniversary celebration” and he would be a super happy camper.

I went off on my own to the home section.  I have been reading tons of blogs about how to look at goods in a different way in order to give them new life, so I went in with an open mind and with open eyes.  I ended up going through many aisles, scrutinizing over how much work certainly pieces would require.  I ended up picking up three fabulous pieces for our home and one fabulous find for myself!

Find #1:  The footed glass bowl – $2.99With a nice bath, this piece will really shine (quite literally!).  On regular days, it can act as a good sized fruit bowl.  During special ocassions, I can dress this bad boy up with multicolored glass balls, decorative fruit, etc.

Find #2:  The two-tiered platter – $2.99I had originally fallen in love with this platter when I saw something very very similar in Target right after Christmas.  It had been $30 marked down to $15, but I still didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a platter.  In Goodwill, it was sitting on a shelf towards the back, overcome with at least five other metal objects on its trays.  In love, I dug it out and check the price.  The sweet price of $2.99 is much more my speed!  The etching in the silver is wonderful and gives the eye something to oogle over (when there isn’t food on it, of course!).I plan on putting this platter to good use during Ms. C’s bridal shower and other upcoming special events… or whenever I just decide to host something!

Find #3:  The silver tray – $2.99So it looks a little rough right now, but give me a toothbrush and toothpaste (yes, you read that correctly!) and it will look like I spent hundreds of dollars on it!  It’s kind of tarnished, but the details, like the two-tiered platter, are swoon-worthy.  Awesome, right?  Now, you might be thinking that this is all great and wonderful, but what am I going to do with a silver tray?  Have I changed my address and now have a butler named Vincenzo?  No, but I do have an immediate plan!  With some beautiful pillar candles of different sizes and colors, I can dress up our table in a hurry.  I ended up finding these candles (all scentless) on clearance at A.C. Moore and knew they would be perfect.  The tallest pillar cost $2.99, the medium ones $1.49, and the small ones $0.99.  Score and score!(Of course, I will take the wrappers off when they really go on the center of the table…)  These would make super simple and classic wedding centerpieces for very little money.  Feel free to steal that idea, brides out there!

Find #4:  Nine West handbag – $4.99Why hello there, sexy handbag!  When I showed this to B, I told him this was my “splurge,” but in all honesty, I would have been pretty dumb not to pick it up.  Typically, this handbag would go for around $70 from Nine West (I can’t find the real answer online, so if you know, tell me!), so putting this into my closet for $65 less makes me feel pretty smart and, well, pretty.  That bag is going to look hot when I pair it up with some of my dresses!

Total Money Spent:  $13.96 (not including candles)

It’s only the beginning of what I plan on doing and finding in Goodwill, but it’s one heck of a start.  I cannot wait to go back to other locations to check out what they have to offer as well.  So people, don’t fall into the same trap I did when I was younger; don’t think that Goodwill is just secondhand leftovers that no one would want.  There isn’t the stigma of shopping here as some may think.  There is a lot of good stuff in Goodwill, so put aside your stereotypes and go shop!

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  1. January 17, 2011 3:37 am

    Just stumbled upon your blog thanks to the Home page and will add, I LOVE GOODWILL! My husband and I made a ritual out of going to breakfast and then Goodwill-ing afterwards on Sundays LOL Great finds by the way.

  2. January 18, 2011 6:01 pm

    Love it! Geoff and I like to go out to breakfast and then to the flea markets down here. It’s amazing what you can find…beautiful things marked way down and you can even haggle from there!

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