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Creative Outlets: Yarn Wreath

January 16, 2011

I haven’t done any serious craft projects in a while, and I have been itching to do something. When a trip to Portland presented itself, I told B that I really wanted to go to A.C. Moore to pick up some supplies.  I ended up picking up craft supplies for three projects, but only the complete set for one:  a yarn wreath.

If you haven’t seen yarn wreaths before, you probably don’t frequent Etsy or any home decor blogs.  They have been super popular lately, and I ended up being inspired by them through Weddingbee.  Initially, I thought they looked way too 1970s for my taste and it might look weird that we had a wreath on our door away from the holiday season.  In my mind, the only people who put wreaths out all year were (A) too lazy to take their evergreen wreath down or (B) had way too many “themed” decor items, like some of my elementary school teachers.  Eventually, I started to see them pop up in more of the blogs I frequent in ways that oozed more class than my initial interpretation.  They had fun colors and textures, and I knew I had to try it.{Source}


This is one above is now our new favorite.  This will probably be coming to a home near me soon…


I found the bottom one through Google Image and decided that I really liked that one.  I went for a similar color pattern, wrote down what I needed to pick up thanks to the DIY instructions through this website, and jumped at the chance to get started.

All told, the process took me about four hours, probably because of the flowers.  Wrapping the straw wreath did take some time because I thought I was going to run out of yarn, but I ended up having a good sized ball left over.  The key to wrapping the wreath is knowing that there are going to be spots that aren’t completely covered the first time you wrap it.  It’s okay!  You can go back and wrap the wreath’s ugly spots again!  I ended up going around the wreath probably three times before I was happy with all of the spots.  I love the texture it added to it!

The felt flowers took the most time, mainly because I don’t own a hot glue gun.  If I had had one, it would be taken about half the time it did to make and secure them onto the wreath body.  Instead, I used hand stitching to put the flowers together and onto the wreath.  I do like how much more secure they appear to be, which I am not sure if that would happen if it had been glued.  I ended up looking at online tutorials on how to make different flowers, but I didn’t want to print out any templates, so I just winged it.  I am pretty glad I had my inspiration photo to get a look at how different flower shapes could work together.  I really liked how different types of textures could work together and be stitched in very close proximity to create eye appeal.

Last night, I was so engrossed with making this wreath that I stayed up until 1 AM, and then got up this morning at 8:30 to create more flowers.  I went back to bed for another two hours after that, but these flowers have gotten under my skin.  Want to see why?
Isn’t it great?  I’m pretty much in love with everything about it.  It’s currently hanging on the door of our apartment, playfully winking at neighbors and trying not to snicker at their unadorned 3M hooks.

It’s totally worth making them.  Give it a shot!

Total Cost:

Yarn:  $2.50

Straw Wreath:  $3.99

Felt:  2 (red) + 2 (white) + 2 (pink) + 1 (gray) = 7 x $0.29 = $2.03 (I have 2.5 sheets left over for other projects)

Beads, thread, needles, and ribbon:  Already had them from wedding crafts!

Total:  $8.52

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