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Resolution Check In – Day 5

January 4, 2011

Days exercising:  3

Days drinking 8 cups of water:  2

Days eating under 1,870 calories:  2

It’s been five days since I wrote about my goal for the new year.  Remember how I rambled about my weight issues and how I wanted to lose ten pounds by August?  Well, this is check-in numero uno.  Since writing, I have enlisted the help of some friends to really get this underway.

Meet SparkPeople.  I found this on Weddingbee through another hive member asking for good ways to lose weight.  While I thought it was just another one of those sites where you had to sign up, pay, and they spam you like all hell has broken loose in diet land, I was wrong (but I signed up with my little-used email just to be safe!).  It asks you some super easy questions about your weight goals, your nutritional goals, and your wellness goals.  That’s right, wellness goals.  It wants to look at you as a whole person with more to you than just weight to lose.  You can also track your water intake for the day and your calories for the day.  They give you fitness workouts and meal plans in you want/need them.

Jillian Michaels, Mari Windsor, and Wii Fit are the holy trifecta of getting me off the couch in the afternoon.  So far I have stuck to Jillian Michaels (and B joined in too!), but when I need something different, I have Curly and Larry to pull me through.  I have done Jillian for the past three nights, and though my legs felt like lead tonight, I am proud of myself to keep the streak going.

Water, water, water.  Oh my gosh, what a difference.  I have made sure that I have had eight glasses of water to drink for the past two days, and my system already feels better.  I was more awake today and had more energy at the end of the day.  Sure, I have to pee a whole lot more during the day, but the rest of my system is loving it.

And I can’t believe I am doing this, but here it is.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are two thousand I won’t type out.  This is me in the beginning of my journey.  Goodbye old body, hello better, healthier one!

Oh geez.  Now I really need to get going on that fitness plan!  (And really need to clean that mirror…)

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  1. January 4, 2011 5:20 pm

    um seriously are we twins!?!?!?! i JUST posted this blog entry. 😛 good luck girl! i actually switched over to my fitness pal after finding out they have a phone app and i was having trouble with the food entries on the sparkpeople website… but SERIOUSLY GOOD LUCK I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!

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