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So What Did You Do This Year?

December 30, 2010

2010 has been a big year in the H household.  I mean, we became the H household this year, and if that isn’t a big event, I don’t know what is!  Beyond our wedding, though, we had quite a year.

B graduated with his MFA in style. After two years of hard work and three months of separation in Russia, B walked across the stage and received his Master’s of Fine Arts degree.  I am still incredibly proud of him.  He worked really hard to get where he is, and while he isn’t working within the business now, he certainly has his sights set on getting back to it.

I survived working with my total opposite. To say that it was a pleasant experience would be a blatant lie.  I dreaded going to work, which is horrible to say because I loved my students and teaching them.  It was an environment that clearly wasn’t working and I feel incredibly blessed to have found the silver lining of the whole deal.  I learned a great deal about my own professionalism and when it is okay to reach out for help.

I was laid off from my job… for about an hour. The education sector was no exception to the budget cuts made around the country this year, and my job fell victim to my school district’s 4 million dollar budget shortfall.  My principal pulled me into his office on a Monday morning (who does that?!), explained that he was sad to have to let me go and then gave me the ax for the end of the year.  Bummer.  I went on my way and tried not to let it bother me since I had seen this coming over the school year.  Within the hour, my principal came back to me and said that there was a job available at the high school.  Did I want it?  Of course I did!  Once a resignation letter was submitted by the departing party, I was officially hired.

B and I got new jobs. While I know B’s job isn’t anything he would have thought he would do right after graduation, we are incredibly lucky to have found jobs as easily as we did in this economy.  He loves his co-workers and the company treats him well.  I love my co-workers and job as well.  For as much as I didn’t like my previous job, this one is that much better.  I don’t dread going to work.  It’s a nice feeling.

We lived in the same state for the first time in six years. B and I hadn’t lived in the same state since high school, thanks to going to four different schools in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  Needless to say, we have enjoyed seeing each other more than once every two weeks.

We got our first apartment. Living in the same apartment and getting married means we need some place to live together!  It may not have been the brightest idea to move in four days before our wedding, but whatever.  Even though I find myself frequently cursing how small our kitchen is, I love that this is our first home together.  And I love decorating it.

I had some seriously cold feet. Before our wedding, I was scared to death.  It was probably a mixture of nerves, stress, and exhaustion, but two weeks before the wedding, I wanted nothing to do with it.  Was this going to be the right choice?  There is no going back after the vows, so is this the right choice?  Should I have dated more?  I sucked it up, talked it out with B, and got married.  And yes, it was the best possible choice.

We got married (duh!). BEST.  EVENT.  EVER.  PERIOD.

I finally went to Europe! I have been waiting for years to go to Europe, and with the grace of God and the patience of my amazing husband, we made it happen.  And I LOVED it!  I want to go back to so many more countries.  Italy and Ireland are absolutely breathtaking.  

We planned a honeymoon and wedding and became stronger as a couple because of it. Wedding and honeymoon planning are definitely not all sunshine and rainbows.  Sure, a unicorn or two wandered by, but they all seemed to vanish when something went wrong with the guest list, the budget, or getting craft projects done.  B was there with me the whole time, whether in person or on the phone, whenever I needed him.  We planned an amazing wedding together and it was great.  I am so glad it was a two-person operation.

B learned about all sorts of my craziness. He dealt with the craziness of wedding planning, the hormones of going on and off birth control to time it perfectly for the wedding, and the idiosyncrasies that have surfaced since we got married.  For instance, I do NOT allow my sponge to leave the sink.  I will flip out if someone tries to wash the counters or the table with the dish sponge.  No no no.  I also don’t like it when people wash things in the bathroom sink when they should be washed in the kitchen sink.

I was a bridesmaid for the first time. I was incredibly honored to be included as a bridesmaid in Ms. A’s wedding in August, and I cannot wait to be a bridesmaid for some of my other friends (if they want me, of course!).

I became a drama director. This one kind of fell into my lap, but it was my ticket to go see one of my best friends, Al, in Washington state this summer.  We are entering a one-act competition in spring, and while I still feel like I am a chicken with my head cut off, I think I’m getting the hang of it.  Wish me luck!

I became an amateur photographer. My DSLR is one of my best friends.  I love it, and I hope to start developing more of portfolio as time goes on.  I have been asked to capture the getting ready pictures for Miss C’s wedding in August, so I am super excited!

We had our first holiday season as a married couple. Ca-raz-EEEEE!  That pretty much sums up our Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.  With our families living fifteen minutes apart, we’re expected to see everyone in the same day, which gets really hectic and crazy.  But we were surrounded with holiday spirit and love, and we did get to have our own personal first Christmas in our apartment.

I discovered how much it bothers me to receive mail addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. B. H.” I know it’s an old fashioned way of addressing mail to a married couple, but honestly people, I changed my last name, not my first name.  PUT MY NAME ON THE ENVELOPE!

B became Superman and walked away from being hit by a car with only a bruise. That was definitely one of the scariest moments of our fall, and I still have a hard time believing that it happened.  As we went walking, a car swerved and hit B.  Thankfully, it only hit his arm and did more damage to the car than him.  The driver sped away and hasn’t been caught.  B is absolutely fine and we can now joke about it.  But seriously, whoever hit him, you have some BIG TIME bad karma coming your way!

We did up wedding season in super style. Including our own, we attended four weddings this summer for our friends.  Four.  And they were awesome.  Happy first Christmas to K and L, Am and Jar, A and J, and us!

I sent my first student to the office. I know this sounds weird, but in the four years I have taught, I have never given a detention or sent anyone to the office.  I guess I didn’t really send this young lady to the office, she just walked out and went on her own when I gave her the choice to either drop the attitude or leave.  She chose attitude.  Her loss.

I donated 8 inches of hair to Beautiful Lengths. I grow hair like Repunzel, so it took no time to grow my hair out for the wedding.  I think I ended up with too much hair for the wedding, but we made it work!  I needed a new haircut, so I chopped off eight inches and sent it in to Beautiful Lengths from Pantene.  Why them?  Well, I have a problem with the fact that Locks of Love doesn’t turn all of the hair they get into non-profit wigs.  I want to know that my hair is going to someone who needs it, not someone who just wants to buy it.  Beautiful Lengths also requires less hair.

B and I have found the joys of cooking. I love love love cooking.  B has really gotten into it too, thanks to all of the cookbooks we have accumulated.  It is now my goal to make some seriously healthy and delicious recipes where veggies are hidden inside!

We have traveled, traveled, traveled.  And I love it. I have the travel bug, and I love seeing new places.  B has been very kind in the past year and has indulged me in traveling.  A lot.  In February, we went to visit our friend K in New York City.  In July, we went on our honeymoon to Italy and Ireland.  In early December, we went to South Carolina for brother K’s college graduation.  I would love to keep this going!

We are incredibly happy to be married. When I get butterflies and a big smile when I hear B bounding up the stairs, I know I am totally in love.  We snuggle on the couch, eat dinner together while chatting about the day, and make time to just be together.  He makes me incredibly happy, and I certainly hope I do the same for him. 


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