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We’re Kind of a Big Deal

December 27, 2010

B and I have made our commercial debuts.  What’s that?  You haven’t seen us?  Oh, how sad for you.  That’s probably because (1) it hasn’t shown on TV and (2) you probably don’t live in Maine and want a videographer (but if you do, seriously check out the guy I am about to show you.  Awesome awesome awesome to work with!).

B and I have our wedding video featured in our wedding videographer’s new online commercial to promote his company.  I was pretty pumped when he asked us if it would be okay to show it, and I gave my consent just as long as he would pass my contact information on if a bride liked any of the planning that she saw (have I mentioned I am trying to get into the wedding planning business?).

B and I were originally going to go without any sort of wedding videography because of cost and because of our own inability to see its use.  Why would we want it?  Shouldn’t really good photos show the same things?  Yes, really good photos would, but video captures everything that photos cannot:  speech, split-second glances, behind-the-scenes moments.  When I started looking for videographers, I remembered having read a blog posting on Weddingbee by Mrs. Star.  She said that she and her husband wanted videography at a good price, so they looked through Craigslist.  Knowing that she found a quality videographer for a good price in New York City gave me hope that I might be able to find one in Maine too, so I gave it a shot.  I ended up contacting Shea and after looking over his prices and sample videos, B and I gave it the green light.  And we are oh so glad we did.

So while it is definitely shorter than our fifteen minutes of fame, and I’m not even sure it counts as anything sort of famous showing, it is kind of exciting to say that our wedding was in a commercial.  And for all of you who either attended or took part in our wedding, guess what?  You’re in it too!

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