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A Family +1

December 8, 2010

When you are a bride, you dread the term “+1.”  Typically it means that a guest would like to bring a date, which may or may not fit into your budget, seating arrangement, or otherwise planned event.  But I’m not talking about that.  The wedding has been over for months.  I’m talking about the +1 I have gained in terms of family.

When B and I got married, we understood that we were not only marrying each other, but we were marrying into each other’s families.  His family became my family and vice versa.  Old news.  This holiday season has made me really look at it, though, because I have gained a sibling.  For the first time in my life, I have a brother.  He’s younger, but there is no way I can say “little.”  I come up to his armpit.

B and K have never been super close, despite their parents’ best efforts to make them hug and kiss at every opportunity when they were younger, but now that they have both grown up, it’s amazing to see what great men they have become.  It’s clear that B has a lot of respect for his younger brother and the man he is becoming.  He talks about how K is really turning into a great person every time we talk about him.

It’s fun for me to talk about K because I get to tell people that I have a brother.  I leave the “in-law” part off because I have grown up with K being part of my life.  B and I have been together since we were 15, so K was 13 when I became a family add-on.  B is now on the brink of turning 25.  I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it until now, but K has practically been my brother for a decade.  I love my sister, S, but it’s fun having a new sibling I don’t have to go through the baby years with.  No hitting, crying, yelling, or blaming each other for braking stuff.  I just get to enjoy the memories we have made on family vacations and look forward to getting to know him better in the future.

This weekend, I get the joy of joining in on one of those special family events.  K is graduating from college, and B and I are flying to South Carolina to see it.  I am thrilled we get to (A) travel, (B) get a mini-weekend vacation, and (C) see him accomplish something so big.  Way to go, K!

Did you gain any siblings through marriage?

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