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Firsts: We’ll Be Home for Christmas

December 6, 2010

So remember how I wrote about splitting holidays?  Well, after a discussion with B, we seem to have created a plan that suits us pretty well.  This year is my family’s year for Christmas dinner, so keeping that in mind along with our wish to share close to equal time, I created a timeline of sorts in my mind during on of our car rides:

Christmas Eve:  B gets out of work around halfway through the day, we jump in the car and head to our hometown.  We then spend the day with B’s parents and family until it is time to join my parents to travel to my grandmother’s hometown to listen to her sing at the midnight mass.  We then go home with my parents and sleep in.

Christmas:  Because my mom requires a lot of sleep, we will get up, celebrate with his family around their tree before they leave for B’s aunt’s house, go back to my parents’ house and do their tree with them.  We will then spend the rest of the day with my family, though we will probably sleep over at B’s parents’ house since the next day is B’s birthday.

Sounds like it would work, right?  Lots of travel, but lots of time with family.  Sometimes that whole 15 minutes between houses thing is a blessing.

I mentioned all of this to B, and he agreed to most of it, but he decided to throw in a little extra.

“What if we sleep at our apartment Christmas Eve?”

At first, the thought struck me as a little out there.  Why would we sleep in our apartment?  I thought we were carpooling with my parents to my grandmother’s church.  But then it hit me.  This was us. We are a family, and this will be our first Christmas together as such.  I want to create a memory with my husband of that experience, so I excitedly agreed to his idea.

So, with the plan as it stands, we now have a bit more traveling, but a whole lot more individual time together.  We will still see our extended families and celebrate the holiday with them as much as possible, but we are focusing on what is going to be best and most special to our family unit.  Sometimes, my husband is a genius.

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