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November 5, 2010

Today, I wrote my final three recap posts about our wedding.  It hasn’t really hit me yet.  I have spent since April 2008 thinking about, planning, executing, creating, and finally relishing this wedding of ours.  It was my third job last year, only being occasionally brushed aside by teaching and coaching.  And now?  And now the recaps are finished.  The pictures are uploaded onto Facebook for my distant friends to see.  Our Christmas presents to our parents and relatives have been created and ordered.

And yet, we’re still newlyweds.  We have been married for a little over three months, and I have done what I didn’t think I would do.  Number one, I wrote for an entire year.  Two hundred and eighty posts to be exact.  Most posts were at least five paragraphs long, which would boggle my students’ minds to know that I wrote THAT many five-paragraph essays in a year.  HA!  Beat that, sophomores!

Number two, – and this is something I had promised myself when I first tried to become a Bee on WeddingBee – I finished my recaps within the same year I got married.  It seems like when Bees blog about their actual weddings, it takes them years to finish the recaps.  One lovely lady just signed off, and her wedding was two years ago!  I wanted to make sure that the stories I was telling were still true, but puffed up with details I might have remembered but not quite.

Number three, I have learned to create my own voice in blogging, and I have found an outlet for all of my cranial mumbo jumbo.  I have so much going on in my head at times that it feels like I will just inundate the next possible victim with all of my word vomit.  Blogging is a place where B doesn’t have to listen to me blather on and on about whatever topic interests me that day; he can choose to read my posts (or not) when the time is right for him.  Sure, I might bring the topic up at the dinner table, but once I get most of it out onto the giant pad of paper that is the internet, I don’t feel the need to purge anymore.

Number four, I have found an identity and voice away from those already created.  I am a writer, a publisher, an editor, a photographer, and a commentator.  I don’t have to follow my own classroom rules about not starting sentences with conjunctions or starting every sentence with a different word to create variety.  If I hadn’t tipped my hand, I wouldn’t even have to say that I am a teacher!  Ahhh what a world…

I suppose this is my way of trying to push the bit of sadness I have about bring done out of my mind with some positive silver linings, but really, blogging is cathartic.  It’s an outlet I should have developed a long time ago.

So, in my own words, when in doubt, blog it out.

(And visit our wedding blog… I’m not done writing on it as I had another wedding last summer AND my friend C is getting married next summer!)

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