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Beige Blahs

November 3, 2010

That describes our apartment to a T.  It’s the color my skin turns in the dead of winter.  It’s the color my version of hell would be painted if it were personalized (but hopefully never needed).  It’s beige.  That’s it.  The walls, the floors, the tub… EVERYTHING!  I cannot stand it!  It’s too friggin beige!

A girl needs a little color in her life, and since my husband happens to live in this apartment too, I have decided he needs some color as well!  Color and texture, really.  There is nothing more boring in life than plain walls with nothing to focus on.  Actually, it is making my photography project quite difficult and a smidge boring.  We needed to fix it, pronto!

As newlyweds, we are thrilled to have had the generosity of our friends and family during wedding gift season.  We received amazing kitchen gadgets, some beautiful picture frames, and one quilt that makes me cry every time I really think about it.  But there is one department where we seem to be lacking:  Coordination.  We have a hodge podge of belongings, dating back to something our parents bought in the 1980s all the way to our college days.  B and I love each other, but our tastes growing up seem to be very different, making it hard to create a newlywed cohesive look in our home.  Major pieces of furniture have been great, but it’s the little things like dishes, blankets, and simple need for an identity in our home that bring up little questions.

With the new decorating bug fully engrossed in my brain, I have been on the hunt for new pieces to bring our apartment to life.  The first thing that needed some changes?  Our set-up for our wireless internet boxes.  They have been sitting on a bright green plastic tote bin since they were installed in August, and though B didn’t even really notice it (“Ooooh… that’s what they are there for?  I just thought that’s where we were keeping the tote!”), I found it to be an eyesore.  My vision for our apartment looks something along the lines of this:

Sure, it seems a little dark and brown, but I don’t see it as that so much.  It’s a richer vibe with some sophistication and elegance, something I feel is important in an eating location.  The green tub just didn’t fit into that vision.

On Saturday, after wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends, C, we decided to take a trip over to the Christmas Tree Shop.  I have always found some of their furniture interesting, and one of the nice bookcases we have in our apartment is from there.  As I strolled along the aisles, I stopped.  I knew I had found what I was looking for.

And for $29.99, the price was right.  After picture texting B and getting his blessing on the selection, I lifted it into the cart and called it a score.  This is what our dining room now looks like with the new addition…

Much better, right?

The next room I wanted to tackle was the living room, which also needs a lot of work.  I had no intention of starting said work, however, because our rent and student loans are due at the beginning of the month, and that equals no money in the H household.  Still, a girl can plan and dream.  This is my inspiration for our future living room:

I love the way the yellow pops against the darker shades and adds depth.  I also the love shape of the couch.  There is just something about the swirls and scrolls in the design that makes me want to snatch it up in a heartbeat.

We are a long way from this vision, however.  This is our starting point:

Pretty beige, right?  The couch is no where near what my heart is set on, but in defense of it, it is super comfy, soft, and was pretty inexpensive.  You cannot beat buying quality furniture from friends who are moving!

My plans for this room are as follows:

1.  Spray paint the DVD shelf black to give it more depth.  Or maybe yellow?  Green?  Hmmm… well, definitely paint it another color.

2.  Add a rug over the one we have.  Luckily, I had the good sense and taste in college to buy a rug that almost looks like the one in the inspiration collage.  It’s just sitting on the wall, rolled up and waiting for me at my parents’ house.  It will be journeying to our apartment this weekend!

3.  Add some pillows to the couch.  I have actually already done this.  One of the cutest shops near my parents’ house is closing due to the owners moving to California, so my mom and I stopped by on Halloween.  I picked up a lovely gold filigree picture frame, a gold filigree mirror, and two silk pillows for our apartment for a grand total of $27.00!  Score!  The pillows are yellow and green, and they compliment our pumpkin-colored alpaca throw quite nicely.  It give the room a nice fall feeling.  When the seasons change, the throw can change and the pillows will still remain in-season!

4.  Save up for a stylish yellow print chair.  There are some great ones at Target that I have my eye on, but I simply cannot justify spending $150 on a chair right now.  Not with our loans, insurance, rent, food, and other necessities.  This one will have to be put on the back burner.

So there you have it, the two rooms that seem to need the most work.  Hopefully, I will continue my trend in finding stylish but inexpensive scores and be able to redo our apartment with some color!

What would you redo in your home?

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